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    Question Real Tech Audio RTKUWP.exe forcibly using dedicated GPU

    Hi all, I am running into an issue where the program rtkuwp.exe is occasionally running off of my dedicated graphics card. When this occurs there seems to be no way to stop it other than restarting my computer to get it back to using integrated graphics. I am using the MSI GS65 2060 model and...
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    Question MSI GS 65 Battery Life nowhere near reported +8hrs

    Hi all, I recently bought an MSI GS 65 with the 2060 GPU to use as my college laptop. The issue that I am currently having is with the battery life. I am currently only getting about 2-2.5 hours of battery life when even just using google chrome. I've seen others post about this and recommend...
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    Question Budget PC build for Gaming in India

    Approximate Purchase Date: e.g.: Next month Budget Range: 70000 INR - 100000 INR System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Deep Learning Are you buying a monitor: Yes Parts to Upgrade: Building from scratch Do you need to buy OS: Yes. Microsoft Pro OEM Preferred Website(s)...
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    Question Random FPS drops

    Hi I have changed my GPU from GTX 660 to RTX 2060. The problem is, when i play games i have random fps drops (from 150 to 80). My settings are set on very high/ultra, but changing it to medium doesn't really help. I tried to reinstalled the win 10 but it didn't help either. The GPU temp is...
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    Question Stutterings with i5-8600k after i bought new gpu

    Hello, yesterday i replaced 960 for a new gpu rtx 2060. And now every game i launch i get good fps, like 144 fps on apex legends, but every couple of seconds my game stutters/doesn't respond for like 1/3 second. Fps are always stable, the only reason for it could be cpu usage 100% (which is odd...
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    Question Is the MSI rtx 2060 ventus oc pcb same as Zotac amp

    I wanted to know whether the pcb od msi ventus oc xs the same as zotac amp edition. I ask this because i was trying to oc the msi ventus but it had a power limit of 100%. I then flashed it with the msi gaming z bios and now i can get it to 105%. I think the zotac amp edition has a power limit...
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    [SOLVED] Will AMD FX 6350 six core 3.9Ghz bottleneck RTX 2060?

    I'm going to buy the RTX 2060 card and so I'm wondering if my CPU will bottleneck.