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  1. S

    [SOLVED] GPU having driver/DirectX issues?

    So i just bought a used Gigabyte GTX 670 a few days ago(Been using intel HD). I can play any old games with the highest quality now, but i noticed that Bioshock, Titanfall 2, NFS Rivals, and Watch Dogs 2 just keep on crashing. There's also that "Driver has stopped responding and has restarted...
  2. F

    Question Upgraded to rtx 2080 stutter

    I upgraded my gpu from 970 to rttx 2080. Now I have a stutter in every game I play and I didn't before. I have ddu and installed new drivers, Completely installed windows again. I am getting great temps on cpu and gpu . From what I can tell its happening when my cpu hits 100% (I7-9700k) So...
  3. C

    Monitor loses signal, PC stays On, Aura Led on mobo and RAM stuck on that particular color

    For introduction my rig is just 2 months old and everything is new. This is the spec Processor : Ryzen 5 2600 MOBO : ASUS ROG Strix x370-f AIO : Aigo t360 RAM : G Skill Trident 8GB X 4 Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 PSU : Corsair TX850m 4 corsair 120mm LL fans 4 Corsair led strip 2 thermaltake 200mm...
  4. S

    What graphics card to buy

    I need help finding the right card for the best price, i got a few in my head but cant decide, or there are some problems. (Dutch prices) Gtx 1050 TI (170,-) Rx 4/570 (250,-) (very very hard to order, never in stock really) Gtx 1060 3gb (250,-) Gtx 1060 6gb (310,-) Which one to get? I want to...
  5. P

    I am connected to the internet via my laptop but cant get any other browser page but google

    I have other computers connected to the same wifi and they are fine..... this HP laptop is only 12 months old and has been working fine until yesterday
  6. S

    MoBo has a faulty pin?

    Hey Tech Gurus, I have a question for you. I am gonna post a picture of my mobo CPU socket pic. Just take a look and tell me if you can judge that the pin is bent or not. CPU socket Image { } Image Also tell me if damage pin increases CPU temp.? full story... I...
  7. S

    GTA 5 wont run my NVidia card

    Ok, so i try to run GTA but it uses my Intel card and not my GTX 960, I dont know why, my Monitor is plugged into the jr ight port but its still not using it, i just dont know anymore, i cant get a refund anymore because i left it open on accident, if someone could tell me what to do, it would...
  8. Thepigdude

    Does this PC build look ok?

    So I am Planning on building thi8s Pc and I was wondering if you guys had any idea on better parts for the price, uneessary money wasted, ect. P.S. I plan on putting the 2 140mm fan in front (as intakes obv) and the 200m in the top as an intake. I am going for a quiter build so I decided to...
  9. J

    How to disable your touchpad in Windows 10

    Windows 10 was designed to be all things to all devices but the experience can vary across those devices. Some people, including myself using it on a laptop have found the touchpad experience to be mixed to say the least. The tracking isn’t great, response is often intermittent and the whole...
  10. XGamer_BiH

    Windows 10 long start-up

    Hello everyone, I'm using Windows 10 Pro, and when I've done a clean install, it had a startup of about 20 seconds, and now, after about 4 months of use, I have a problem. Windows 10 needs too long time to start, about 55 seconds. Beforce the start screen there is a 10 seconds black screen...
  11. A

    headphone mic working on a laptop but not on dekstop

    hello guyzz my problem is that the headphone mic works on a laptop but not the PC but to check i have another microphone which connects properly and workss pls
  12. vinnie_febs

    PC Mic level low issue

    Ok guy so first of all, thanks for all of your postings and information, they were a huge source of research when building my 13 year old son's first gaming PC. Now that it is built, we noticed one issue, and it seems to be a very common one for what I can gather looking through my Google...
  13. R

    best gtx 970 i can get

    so i want to buy a gtx 970 in the next 2 weeks my friend told me that the evga one is the best but according to what i found on the web the msi got the best reivews and recommendation so in my country the best i can get is these following: msi gtx 970 gaming Evga 970 ssc/ftw gigabyte 970...
  14. C

    temp 3 on speed fan is my motherboard?

    Im trying to figure out why my machine keeps shutting down and I think I may have found the problem. Speedfan is giving me readings of up to 120c on temp 2. my gpu reads around 35 and my cpu, 30. But when playing a game, temp 2 goes from 40's to 100+. It will jumo from 50-80 in a second. Is this...
  15. V

    New PC , World of Warcraft : WoD Only (G3258 vs A8 7600)

    Dear Community Members, I am looking to build a new PC and the only game that I play is WoW : WOD. I have been researching and reading lots of articles on the same and have finally narrowed down my options to the following two builds , appreciate your inputs for the same and your...
  16. D

    GTX 970 not running properly.

    Hello, I recently purchased an Nvidia GTX 970 superclocked 4GB GDDR5 card, I have installed it and it will not run, I have 8 gigs of DDR3 ram and a 1000 watt PSU Intel i7 - 2600 3.4ghz. I have checked the RAM and It is fine but when I have the GTX 970 in I am getting 1 long beep and 3 short...
  17. N

    Dell P2414H vs BenQ BL2411PT vs BenQ GW2760HS

    Hello. I'm going to replace my old monitor and now i'm choosing between these 3 ones (without PWM) or to take a look at ASUS? My budget is around 300$. i'm doing 70% gaming/browsing, 10% working with ANSYS/Solid works, 20%-working with photoshop. Which one will be the best choice for my needs...
  18. W

    Any help or advice will be useful

    Hello! I am new to this forum but I have read many posts which solved many of my problems till now . But the problem I have right now , I till now have not found out a solution for it . I hope you all can help me out with a solution. I have a Computer of almost 5 years old with the following...
  19. wayne371963

    Windows 10 & PC Gaming?

    Will Windows 10 be backwards compatible with Windows 7 PC games
  20. M

    cant install any windows

    hi when I try to install windows 8 ( with optical no usb) at reaching hard drive selection asks for missing drivers I have inserted sata hard drive and other drivers supplied and updated but none work windows 7 gets fails at expanding windows files with error windows vista gets stuck at 0%...