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    Question GTX 750 TI 2GB Windforce

    Hello, i found a cheap gtx 750ti near me and i wanted to ask if it will be beneficial if combine it with my Ryzen 3 2200G. I have no graphic card installed just the APU itself.
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    Question Is my GPU dying?

    So first off I have a gtx 760 that's a little over 6 years old. recently i have been having issues like suddenly losing display signal and my monitor going into power save mode in the middle of work or games. I have also seen random colors start flashing on my monitor and colored static appear...
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    Video Card replacment: What gpu to get?

    I'm planning to change my gpu, I was wondering if the HD7750 would be a good choice. The PC was a gift. It's Pre-Built. No idea what card the motherboard can support, AND I don't know the mobo's name. Specs: AMD A4-5000 (4cores@1.5ghz) GT 620 1GB 6GB Ram Mobo- ? PSU - ...