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  1. I

    [SOLVED] ASUS GTX 750 Ti OC Temperatures Quite High?

    I have an ASUS GTX 750 Ti OC model with stock clocks (the OC is from the ASUS variant, not my personal OC) in a relatively big Dell Precision T3500 workstation. In Unigine Heaven Valley the max temp was 66C. But whilst playing Mad Max with Vsync on I was getting GPU usage of between 75 and...
  2. m7mdhijo

    Question asus gtx 750 ti oc from aliexpress black screen

    asus gtx 750 ti oc from aliexpress black screen -- I have a problem and I bought a GTX 750 Ti OC ASUS graphics card with one fan and it does not need wires, just connect to the computer and connect the screen, but when I turned on the device it worked normally, but there were blurred pink lines...
  3. I

    Question Can you guys help me?

    Guys, week ago i bought a "used pc" with spec: Gpu: gtx 750 ti 2gb Cpu: i3 2120 @3.3ghz Mobo: new asus motherboard 4gb ddr3 And my PSU is used and i saw that there is alot of dust in it. I only bought this pc to play games like CSGO and CROSS Fire. In CROSSFIRE I am sure that i get 200 fps. In...