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  1. K

    [SOLVED] GPU cleaning resulted in no beep and no signal to monitor HELP PLZ

    Yesterday i took my pc apart cleaned the dust reapplied thermal paste to both the cpu and gpu,(GTX 750 1gb ASUS) put everything back togheter and my pc would not signal beep codes and monitor shows no signal. I tried a old 9800GT and the pc booted normally i tried the 750 on another computer and...
  2. JonathanCrazy

    [SOLVED] Burned gpu capacitor

    Hello guys, first of all, excuse me for any mistakes in english and for the big text. I would like to come here to ask for help related to my Asus GTX 750TI. I was using the computer normally, and then it restarted unexpectedly and I could see a light and smell of burning coming from the gpu...
  3. W

    [SOLVED] Gtx 780 terrible performance

    Hello, recently my rtx 2080 ti had to be replaced and in the meantime I borrowed my friends gtx 750. He has a gtx 780 in his rig. When we went ahead and played minecraft the results were shocking. I was getting 500+ fps in 1080p and he was getting max 100fps with fps drops to 15fps. His game was...
  4. JustAFrenchnoob

    [SOLVED] Can i run it ?

    I wanna buy R6 and a new graphics card so i would to know which of these GPU can give me more FPS : My specs : CPU : 4C 4T OC 2.66GHz (it's a pentium j2900 2013) RAM 4GB >> 8GB GPU : GTX 750ti low profile 2gb/ gt730 4gb ddr3 i need your help because i think the gtx will bottleneck my CPU Thxs !
  5. S

    [SOLVED] Confused about power requirements of a GTX 750

    I am building a PC for a friend and the GTX 750 seems like a good low power option, as we are probably using an old HP Pavilion with an AMD Phenom 9500 and a 300w psu. I have used an Asus variant of the 750 before in a Dell Optiplex budget gaming build, which only had a 305w power supply. I had...
  6. sonah

    Question [AMD FirePro W5000] VS [GeForce GTX 750 Ti] For AE?

    Hi My work is in adobe After Effects and 3D softwares like Cinema 4D ,Maya and Video editing like Vegas what is the best Graphics card for me? Now I have 2 Old Cards AMD FirePro W5000 and the one I use GeForce GTX 750 Ti Do you Recommend to Uninstall the GeForce GTX 750 Ti and use AMD...
  7. G


    So I've recently had my GTX 970 give out on me. Not sure why, there wasn't any visible damage to it. So I've since swapped back to my old card the GTX 750. I initially installed it in my mobo's PCI 2.0 slot forgetting I had a PCI 3.0 express slot for my video card. Now in the 2.0 it worked...
  8. fachrizal3f

    Question game is freezing after new gpu

    hello im change my gpus from hd6570 (amd) to gtx 750 (nvidia) my spec : core i5 2500 4gb ram 1 tb hdd cooler master mwe 450 watt 80+ i just go to my game and the game is freeze i just update my windows 10 i update driver vga i update my bio pls help me :( game i cant play : fortnite,apex...
  9. D

    Question PC shuts down when playing games

    Hi, Recently I have problem when playing video games. After 10-20 minutes the sound stops, the screen goes black and I hear buzzing from the speakers, after a couple of seconds the monitor says no signal, but the pc is still on. Sometimes it starts to reboot, but sometimes its not happening. I...
  10. R

    Question My PC blacks out when playing games.

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a dell Optiplex 990 DT and decided to install my GTX 750 2 GB GDDR5 GPU and WD 2TB RED HDD from my old pc. The HDD worked perfectly but the GPU was acting very weird, when I'm not doing GPU intensive tasks like game dev or gaming the GPU is at 1-10% like it should...
  11. S

    Peripherals&display shutting down while fans and lights stay on.

    About a week ago i was playing fortnite with my friends, then suddenly my monitor and peripherals shut down but my lights and fans still going strong. Over the next days i had the windows crash and shutdown error a few times, along with a red pix-elated checkerboard pattern across my displays...
  12. C

    Higher fps with low resolution?

    I get higher fps at lower resolution(1024x768) does this mean my GPU is the bottleneck at higher resolution? (1920x1080)? i7 7700k gtx 970
  13. Z

    Pc wont get to bios before turning off when GPU plugged to PSU

    I have an Alienware x51 R2 that was and had been working perfectly for about three years now, and this afternoon I was playing Planetside 2 when suddenly it turned off and didnt turn back on again. I just pressed the startup button and the fans would turn for less than half a second (and come...
  14. J

    Need serious help with my pc.

    Hello, so I had a friend help me build a computer in November of 2015 (Specs are shown below). It was great for the year I used it. Not many issues at all. But my old GTX 950 wasn't cutting it, so I upgraded to a GTX 1060 in December of 2016. For a few months it was a solid build. But about a...
  15. G

    Adapter + Adapter + Fan splitter

    Building my 1st PC and want to have 4 case fans and I read that I shouldn't use a fan splitter on the motherboard but to connect it straight to the PSU. I need a mobex to 3 pin adapter + fan splitter to be able to connect my fans. Problem is my PSU doesn't have molex connectors so I'm deciding...
  16. A

    Samsung multiroom speakers on LG tv

    I have 5 samsung wireless speakers and wants to now if I have to buy a Samsung tv to use them or I can buy a new LG TV as well.
  17. X

    Which Monitor Should I Pick?

    Hey guys! I have had a 60hz monitor forever and now I am on the hunt for a 144hz monitor. I have found two monitors that are not too expensive but would like your guy's input on which would I should get. I like the price of them because I am trying to stay around 200. 1: First Monitor 2...
  18. A

    HELP! I'm missing my (D:\) drive which is supposed to be my 1tb HDD

    So I just got my computer yesterday (Acer Predator) and I was excited. Started to download some stuff that shouldnt affect the problem that I have right now. Then, this morning, I got a notification to do this intel rapid storage technology thing. I accepted and it finished when I came back...
  19. B

    Need advice on a good gaming pc case

    Hi guys, The title explains it all really. I want a gaming case that is good but not too high in price. Preferably under £100 to be honest. I would also like it to be white to keep with the theme i am going for. A few different suggestions would be appreciated.
  20. M

    help me with my keyboard layout

    so i bought a steel series apex 350 and like an idiot i am i didnt look at the layout i usually play with azerty (be) the @ is normally on 2 but onw its on 0 whatlayout which one is that what country?
  21. Z

    Need better graphics cards?

    I do a lot of CAD and video rendering. Worth the money to upgrade graphics cards & to what? ROG Crosshair V Formula-z MOBO AMD FX-8370 8-core Black Edition CPU CoolMaster 1000W RS-A00-EMBA PSU ASUS PB278Q 2560 X 1440 2 XFX Radeon HD 6950 in Crossfire
  22. DianaMaclay

    What's the best CPU for socket AMD2?

    Hi, I have this ancient technology that I want to upgrade for my little sister. I've been researching a little bit, but I just can't find what CPU is the absolute best for the motherboard (money is not an issue, but I guess it won't be that expensive since it's old). Motherboard is Gigabyte...
  23. B

    Sound only from HDMI integrated graphics. Now no sound from audio jacks in either Windows or Linux

    Hi I have sort of unusual and frustrating sound problem. My desktop is an older AMD 955 Phenom BE with a Gigabyte motherboard. Yeah, it's old, but still works great for daily work. It has always been a solid reliable setup and until recently I have never had sound problems before. I've always...
  24. R

    Should i buy another 970 or a new graphics card?

    I have a GTX 970 and i want some more juice for new games, would it be most effecient to plop another 970 into my current system or buy a new Graphics card? Thanks
  25. H

    i5-4670 CPU compatibility

    Hi, I have a i5-4670 CPU and Z87 G43 gaming mother board, i needed to know if CMY16GX3M2A2400C10R (corsair venegence RAM) would be able to run at 2400 Mhz with this CPU and Motherboard???
  26. D

    is egpu possible? for TOSHIBA Satellite C75D-B PSCLEU-03N06J

    can i use an egpu with laptop and how to set it up. thanks. any help appreciated.
  27. J

    Multiple hard drive issues

    Hi guys. I'm trying to diagnose what's happening with my HDDs, and I'm kinda new at this, so if there's any information you need, just ask, and I'll give it to you, because I'm not sure what all is relevant in this case. So, first I noticed my computer was having these periods where it would...

    Noob questions to build a new (gaming) build

    Hello good people of internet.I'm planning to build a new PC which will be mainly used for gaming, and "photoshoping". These are the parts that I've selected so far: MoBo : Asus Z170 GAMING PRO Processor : Intel core i3 6100 RAM : 2x Kingston Technology HyperX FURY Black 8 GB 2133 MHz DDR4 GPU...
  29. S

    Looking for Suggestions for my First Build (Budget ~$1000)

    Approximate Purchase Date: This Summer Budget Range: ~$1000 System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Streaming/Recording, School work, Casual Browsing Are you buying a monitor: Yes Do you need to buy OS: Yes Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Whatever website offers the best prices...
  30. B

    Cherry MX Blue or Razer's Green Switches?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone here has experience with both of these switches and could give their opinions on each. I currently use a Cherry MX Brown keyboard and I really like it as I can feel the bump and that it isn't super loud. I feel like trying out other switches and I do like the...
  31. S

    my computer speakers work for 2 or 3 minutes after power on and restart then the sound disappears.but earphones work well

    my computer speakers only work for 2 to three minutes after power on or restart,and thereafter the sound disappears.but earphones work can i solve this problem?please help
  32. B

    PSU or MOBO? Help please!

    So i just built my first gaming pc with parts ordered off of newegg. Initially everything ran fine for the first 2 hours while I installed windows 7 and various drivers. I then proceed to install the software for my keyboard and mouse so i can finally get to gaming. After everything is...
  33. I

    Moving HDD To New Motherboard/Windows Install

    Currently on Windows 10 upgraded from 8.1. I bought a new Mobo/CPU on Black Friday and I am a few days from it coming. Because of all the driver issues, I just want to do a reinstall of windows 10 onto my boot SSD. I have 4 drives in my computer; Drive 1; 120GB SSD (Windows Install & Some...
  34. G

    SSD or 8GB or ram?

    If I want to run a local 4gb gaming server on my Workstation HP wx4300 should I invest in SSD or 8gb of Ram (DDR2 to fit this specific workstation model) ? Please list advantages and budget costs to both. Thank you.
  35. 01101100 01101111 01101100

    AF120 vs SP120

    I am going to get the NZXT S340 case and need case fans. The SP120 fans have better CFM than the AF120 fans though would that matter as the SP120 fans are designed for use in restricted areas and the AF120 fans are designed for unrestricted areas. Which one is better?
  36. S

    which cooler will be ample to cool my i5 4590 ?

    i am looking for a good cost effective cpu cooler which will keep my cpu cool on stock setting ( i have intention to OC my cpu except gpu ) so i have 2 brands in mind 1. CM hyper 103 or hyper tx3 evo which one is the best i am leaning tworads hyper 103 though :) dont suggest 212x or 212 or...
  37. L

    How's my rig sound??? (I'm a noob)

    Processor: AMD A10-7700K Radeon R7 3.4 GHz RAM: 8 gb GPU: GeForce GTX 560 Ti (And i don't really feel like posting the case/monitor/HD and whatnot, because they aren't as important when it comes to performance. Compared to the components mentioned above, at least.) So, bottom line, I want...
  38. T

    Need help deciding

    Which is more powerful in the statement below? The processor has been upgraded from a Pentium D 3.4GHz to a newer and more powerful Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz Processor.
  39. B

    Best EVGA 4gig GTX 970 GPU for a AMH 399U 39" 4k monitor

    I am going to buy a new AMH 399U 39" 4k monitor I'm also going to buy a new EVGA 4gig GTX 970 GPU...