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  1. skkhatri1

    Question need help with my gtx 760

    in about 2 weeks before i buy used gtx 760 from aliexpress and it is working fine but 2 days ago i was playing game and suddenly my pc turned off and then won't turned on when i check for problem then i noticed that when i connect to 1 6 pin connector it says power down but when i use 2nd...
  2. Y

    Question Is the XFX Radeon 760 an actual video card?

    I was looking on my local used market (letgo if it makes a difference) and someone was listing an XFX Radeon 760. However, after I did some googling, I couldn't find anything about it, but rather the GTX 760. Is this a scam or could it just be a typo? If you want to see a picture of the graphics...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Blurry distorted display Error 43

    Hello. My friend's PC has a i5-3600k, Zotac GTX 760, 16 GB RAM, and and HDD. His PC is like 5-6 ish years old. He was playing GTA V when his computer crashed. After turning on his computer, he had very blurry and pixelated display. When I Teamviewered his PC, it looked normal to me through...
  4. V

    Question PC freezes and white squares appear on the screen

    Hello, For 2 days now, after I play a game for 10 minutes my PC freezes and white squares appear on the screen. My specs are the following: IntelCore I5-6500 CPU @ 3.20 GHz 8 GB of RAM GeForce GTX 760 I have the computer for 3 years now and did not encounter any issues until now. I have...
  5. P

    Question What to do with K10 Tesla in video editing PC

    I posted this question on the systems forum a few days ago, but I think maybe it is better suited for here. I have just taken over a build of a PC for video editing and Graphic Creation. The previous "builder" purchased an NVidia K10 Tesla GPU and an 800 Watt Power Supply, and had an older...
  6. W

    [SOLVED] adding more ram

    wondering if i need to add another 8gb.Currently it's 60%-75% running spreadsheet, internet browser, and wow game according to task master. If i got 2 8gb would the second stick ever get used ?
  7. D

    Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 Bios Update - Help needed

    Hi, I rarely ever post here but today i'm stuck, after 6 hours of problem solving with no result. I have the Aorus gaming 7 z370 rev 1.0 motherboard (bought new last week, the current bios version is Z370 AORUS Gaming 7-OP F1) . I have downloaded the correct bios files directly from...
  8. C

    Advice on PC game system for daughter

    Its been a while since I put a system together for myself. My 15yr old daughter is interested in pc gaming, and her birthday is coming up in a couple months. Planning to put together a system for her. Hoping to come under 1K. She does not need a 64core with 2TB or RAM, but would be nice to...
  9. J

    I need a decent graphics card for $25 or under

    Im building a budget gaming pc and i need a graphics card for $25 or under. Also it has to be on amazon because that is what gift card i have. Ive looked at loads of graphics cards and im not sure what i should buy. I dont expect to be able to play the latest AAA titles on my budget but id...
  10. A

    This PC is driving me insane.

    Hi there everyone. Thanks for taking a quick look. I bought this second hand PC from a shop for $5 its a dell inspiron D06S001. The problem I'm having as of now (please bare with me as I am rather new to messing with bios and boots) is I don't know the administrator password. Because it was...
  11. A

    Windows 10 Shutdown and Temperature Issues

    Since a couple months back, my system has been unusable due to it blacking out a few minutes after I boot into Windows 10. This has happened with both Home and Home N. A bit of background: I started experiencing frequent blue-screens with Windows 7. When I decided to try to install Windows...
  12. R

    Do i need active or passive adapter for rx 550?

    I bought a rx 550 and a moread hdmi to vga passive. will it work or should i cancel the order for the passive before they ship it?
  13. J

    Possible Failing GPU

    Hey guys! Let me start by saying I’ve done much trouble shooting, and read over other threads to no avail. My problems started with the latest windows 10 update. I ran update and shutdown a couple night ago. I booted up my pc the next day and it continued the update. However, halfway through...
  14. Johnny5

    Is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Worth the upgrade?

    Earlier this morning Nvidia finally unveiled the long rumored GTX 1070 Ti. The newest card to join the Pascal family is based on the same GP104 GPU as it's siblings, the GTX 1080 and the GTX 1070. Judging from the specifications , the GTX 1070 Ti sits right in between a 1070 and a 1080...
  15. G

    GPU No signal

    Hello! I'm kenneth. I shipped my pc across state as I moved, and it broke the pci 8 ports on my motherboard as I didn't think to remove my graphics card. I reinstalled my new bought motherboard, same model and I booted up, no problem. I tried to install my amd r9 390 but it wouldn't work. I kept...
  16. B

    Xeon E5 1620 vs Xeon E5 1650 for gaming

    Title pretty much says it all. As far as I see these chip's i7 equivalents are the i7 3820 and i7 3930k respectively but there don't seem to be any good comparisons out there for gaming performance. I currently am using a 980ti along with an E5-1620 and I am trying to figure out if I should...
  17. D

    Problem with 1080 Ti

    I recently bought the ASUS STRIX 1080 TI for my system. I've been fiddling with overclocking it with EVGA Precision. Since I've been toying around with it, (during intital tests, I tried 250 on the core clock, but pulled it down to 210 for further testing right after), its developed coil whine...
  18. S

    LF recommendation Ryzen 5 1600 Mobo

    Going with a Ryzen 5 1600 in a budget build. Looking for a recommendation on a B350 mobo with decent overclocking ability. Would like to stay under $100; ideally in the $70-80 range. Was looking at the MSI B350M GAMING PRO, but I'm not sure what overclocking is like with it. Thanks!
  19. L

    Memory management BSOD

    Last week, I built my very first custom pc. Specs are as follows: AMD Ryzen 5 1400 ASRock AB350M mATX mobo Evga GeForce GTX 1060 Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8gb RAM For the first few days, everything was going smoothly and I was able to enjoy my pc, playing games such as CS:GO, rainbow six...
  20. R

    Need help overclocking

    I overclocked my cpu to 4.4 and at 1.25, but when i am just playing around on my computer the cpu moves from this all the way to about 1.31v. Is this normal?