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  1. P

    Is this a good pc build

    Monitor - Dell S2240L 21.5 inch LED Backlit LCD Monitor Price - 9000rs Cabinet - antec x1 Price - 2500rs CPU - and fx 6300 Price - 7300 HDD - Hitatchi 1tb Price - 5000rs Ram - coroseir vengeance 8gb Price - 5000 Optical drive - Sony DVD drive Price - 1020 rs Mouse and keyboard - Microsoft combo...
  2. P

    Better to buy parts offline or on?

    My friend keeps telling me to try to buy all the parts for a custom pc i am building at the small computer store in my town. However, i kind of want to look moreso at newegg because of the way bigger selection and overall better parts. Do i really need to worry about damage in shipping or other...
  3. K

    Upgrade From Windows 8 To 8.1 Fail And Windows Fills 100 GB Of Hidden Files

    Hello, I build my computer and installed windows 8, I then installed drivers and afterwards windows updates. The windows installation went fine, but While the windows updates, the system restarted itself 3 times because of some system problems, and some of the updates didn't want to be updated...
  4. Activated

    Motherboard is probably dead but is the CPU?

    So here is the setting:was busy on my desktop when the electricity in the house went down.Went to see the fuses-yes,the switches were down.Fixed that but since then had no chance to go back to my desktop when after a while decided to do something and tried to power that desktop on-nothing!And...
  5. S

    What does this error mean? (Windows Performance Monitor)

    So I ran Windows Performance Monitor, I got some disturbing results: I have no idea what these warnings mean... well, okay, there are drivers missing/not installed, but drivers of what? Everything seems to function OK. Thanks for any kind of feedback
  6. B

    Opinions and suggestions on planned new single gpu M-ITX system.

    Hi! I'm planning a new rig and I was wondering if perhaps you knowledgable folks here on Tom's Hardware would like to give me your two cents on my setup. Before we go any further I must tell you that the last time i built a computer Riva TNT and 3DFX Voodoo were the shit. So, if I seem like a...
  7. D

    Corsair Power Supply BSoD?

    Hello, recently I've bought a new PC, and come to know that the power supply had too low wattage for my specs. So I had bought a new one about 2 weeks ago. The PSU I bought was the Corsair RM1000 Gold. Every since I put it into my pc, its been making strange ventilation(???) noises, that were...
  8. B

    Windows Aero not Showing up

    I just put together my new i7 rig and installed windows 7 64-bit. However, windows aero is no where to be found on this installation. Normally you go to personalization and in the windows color setting there are options for color sets such as sky etc, and you can find and enable aero in there as...
  9. X

    Amd FX 8350

    I am going to be building my first gaming pc this holiday. I am building on a budget because i want to have enough money for a keyboard, mouse, headset and games. I would like to have a good idea on a good $200 to $250 graphics card to pair with this cpu.
  10. C

    I had microcenter load OS win7 on ssd. microcenter loaded everything on ssd. now it is full. what do i do?

    I want users and program files that are rarely used on my 1TB hhd. please help
  11. CmdrJeffSinclair

    HDD vs SSD vs HYBRID

    Hey everyone, yet another post! This thread is going to be full of opinions so I'll try to be really clear. I want an SSD. I hate HDD's and I've always had a Seagate Hybrid which is awesome. To be blunt, I'm about to drop $3000 on a PC and an SSD would perfect it, but in reality I think that...
  12. SnoochieBooch

    Can I connect a moca adapter directly to a verizon fios ont box?

    Ok, so a friend of mine just built an addition on the top of his garage and we're trying to get internet into said addition of space. The verizon ont box is in the garage itself so we figured we could just hook up a moca adapter to the ont box with coax cable and then run ethernet cable up into...
  13. S

    Ram now fast enough for use as cache?

    Are ram speeds coming close to cpu speeds? Or are the published speeds clock rate and not data rate? It looks like fast ram could replace cpu cache freeing lots of die space and reducing heat.
  14. Alberto9324

    i got my gpu, now compability

    I ended up getting the 750ti here, i have it here with me, is it compatible with pci 16x or 2.0 ?????
  15. T

    2 GPU system? Will this work and what PSU will I need

    I have a little below average rig with a Radeon 7850 and I don't really have anywhere to put it and I am making a new build and I was wondering if I can put it together with Gigabyte GeForce GTX 770, 2GB DDR5 Rest of the new build: CPU: I7-4790K MOBO: Gigabyte GA-Z97-HD3, Z97 Ram: Corsair...
  16. P

    Can this laptop run CS: GO?

    Could this laptop run CS: GO? What would be my FPS, and what resolution would I play on if it can? Will the 512mb on the Graphics card be a problem? -Thank you very much for your help. ^.^
  17. T

    r9 270 or r9 270x?

    Pretty simple question... I am purchasing my first GPU for my newly built computer. I am wondering what one I should get. I am stuck between the r9 270 and the r9 270x. I have a budget of $260. If I get the r9 270, I will most likely get another stick of 8gb RAM. I will then have 16gb of RAM. I...
  18. D

    Graphic card temp help needed

    Hey guys. Im currently having a hp pavilion 15 laptop with a gt740m. So i decided to oc it from 980/900 to 1115/1130 and the job was done just fine. What i want to ask here is i use nvidia inspector and hwmonitor to check the card's temp while playing crysis 3 and watch dogs. The maximum i see...
  19. M

    Need help finding a mouse driver

    Recently I upgraded from windows 7 to windows 8.1 64bit, for the first while after upgrading my mouse was working fine without the driver from the disc, until now. My mouse is a Rude Gameware Fierce Laser Gaming Mouse v. 2 (Amazon link: Though I lost the disc; I look...
  20. R

    4770K oc temps and air cooling

    Greetings. I have a 4770k running at 4ghz with arctic freezer 7 pro (rev1 from my old pc) i may have put too much paste on the cpu but i dont like how the cooler fits and want to replace it. i would like to get to about 4.2-4.4 ghz but my temps at the moment are at their limit using "realtemp"...