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  1. Potatonado

    Question Best amd cpu to pair with a gtx 950?

    I’m doing my first pc build and am wondering what ryzen cpu i should pair with my gtx 950. Please keep in mind that i am on a budget.
  2. E

    [SOLVED] What power supply should i choose?

    Hello! I want to build a PC with some of my old components, the pc will have an Asus Echelon gtx 950 2gb, FX 8350 4.0, 8 gb ram ddr3, a HDD and a SSD. So my question, how many wats should the PSU have, because i need to buy a new one, is 400w enough or does the components require more? Thank...
  3. ef14

    [SOLVED] GTX 950 OEM question:

    So i recently bought a second hand GTX 950 OEM that was originally intended in an Acer Predator G3-710. Now, ever since it arrived i've had issue after issue with it, there doesn't seem to be any physical damage and the card is the real thing, but it seems to have a BIOS that's very unique, i...
  4. H

    [SOLVED] New graphics card no display

    I just bought a rx 470 and it showed no display when connected to DVI and HDMI port. One of the ram slots is also broken. I think I need to buy a new motherboard. What motherboard is the cheapest and best motherboard for 2nd generation Intel processor. I've also checked it on other monitor and...
  5. toughrough

    [SOLVED] Power requirements for gtx 950

    Ive an old system. Im thinking about getting a new gpu that is a gtx 950. now will my thermaltake litepower 350w be able to run it?