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  1. H

    Question Gpu fan giving a funny noise?

    Ok, so I have a gigabyte gtx 950 and a few days ago I've started to notice, that after approx. half an hour of gameplay a fan gives some funny noise, not sure it's the gpu, so I've removed it, done some dusting, and now it gives some different noise, and this time it's definitely the gpu, but...
  2. T

    Question When powered on, PC turns on and Immediately off.

    So this has been going on for quite a while but it hasn't been a real issue. When I first turn on PC on, it powers for about half a second and then shuts down. But when I press the power again it turns on alright and everything is fine after that. I am assuming this is an issue with the power...
  3. T

    Toshiba C55 snafu

    I checked in with the pros at the local library who couldn't figure out what was going on on my Toshiba C55 laptop. Ii had turned off updates, then decided to manually let the computer update. Then I had a more advanced updates I allowed and it went into the unwanted loop of updates and then...
  4. F

    Case fan spins but CPU fan doesn't! Help!

    so right now I'm panicking, I was totally not expecting my computer to end up like this. Short story is, I hooked up a USB LED strip to my monitors USB port, turned computer on, all was fine until my computer suddenly turned itself off and both cpu fans and gpu fans stopped spinning completely...
  5. T

    Satellite satellite won't power up after pushing power button

    My Toshiba Satellite laptop will not power up after pushing the power button battery fully charged no response no indication
  6. M

    AMD FX-8350 8C 4.0 GHz Black Edition 8MB high idle temp with asrock extreme 4 MB

    I have the above mentioned CPU and motherboard. My PC case has two fans on top, one on the side, one in the rear and two in the front along with Be quiet! Pure Rock tower cooler. All of which are directed to optimise airflow. I applied the thermal paste correctly as well. The cooling tower...
  7. B

    Did I just brick my Asus Crosshair VI Hero motherboard? Plz help

    I was using the update software that came with my Asus Crosshair VI hero motherboard and during the update my computer crashed. And upon trying to restart the computer it will not load. The LED lights next to the ram keep flashing from Orange too white to Red over and over and over and the...
  8. Karmazyn83

    Samsung C34F791 vs Alienware AW34 which one to get?

    Hi, Which one do you believe is a better monitor for gaming? I watch movies occasionally on PC monitor but it would not be a deal breaker for me. Alieneware AW34 is at max of my budget. As much as I would love new 35 inch Asus monitor nobody knows when it will be released and what the price...
  9. T

    So I cloned my HDD to an SSD and I want everything but the OS on the HDD for storage

    Can someone type or give me a link to a walk through of how I can do this, I just want the SSD for the OS and nothing else is there a way I can do this?
  10. C

    When i hook up my hdmi cord up to my hp windows 10pc my screen on pc goes black how to fix it

    My computer screen goes black when i hook up rhe hdmi cord from my tv ro my hp window10 pc
  11. M

    is this psu compatible with my pc?

    So, I bought this PC a while back ( and i've been wanting to upgrade the GPU, but to do so i need a new PSU. I was thinking about buying a 300W Coolermaster PSU...
  12. M

    New RAM won't work for my computer?

    Hey everyone I recently bought some new ram for my computer, but it won't start up when I put them in. I am using a P8P67 Pro as a motherboard, and I already have 2x4 Corsair 1333 mhz RAM inserted to the A2/B2 slots. When I tried to put new ram (I have tried 2 different kinds now) in the...
  13. A

    Is this graphics card great for whats needed.

    For christmas im updating my fiancee PC, all she does is play the Sims 3 and it is buggy and slow and she always complains about it. Anyways here are her specs. MOBO: Gigabyte - GA-P55A-UD4P ATX LGA1156 Motherboard CPU: Intel - Core i5-760 2.8GHz Quad-Core Processor Memory: Corsair - 16GB (2...
  14. T

    Not getting any video output from my new pc

    I recently assembled my first pc with a Ryzen 5 1600, ab350m pro 4 motherboard, and a gt 710 gpu (I have other parts but I didn’t think they were relevant to the issue) and I’m not receiving any video output when I turn it on but all of my fans are running. Does anyone have any suggestions on...
  15. M

    pc wont boot

    I bought a pc for my dad its a single core 3.0 that have 2500 intel hd integrated graphic.My problem is when i bought it i instaled a fresh windows xp os and it worked fine,instaled antivirus chrome everything was fine.So i disconected the pc and put it in corner of my room.Fast foward like 2...
  16. IAmTheTofu

    i5 4690k for gaming in 2017 (Upgrading my old FX6300)

    Hey all, I've been thinking of getting an i5 4690k on my birthday. I plan to buy a used processor to save money, and also so I don't need to upgrade to DDR4. The reason why I don't want to upgrade to DDR4 is because of the additional price (like at least ~$70 only for 8GB), and I'm also...
  17. K

    Can i do this?

    Can i use a complete watercooling setup and a custom water container and can i use 1 cooler for both cpu and gpu? the NZXT works with both but can it cool both at the same time? Like for GPU and CPU? GPU Cooler: NZXT Kraken X52 240mm V2 CPU Cooler: Corsair Hydro H100i V2 and if i only need 1 to...
  18. M

    Is this upgrade possible?

    So I have a Acer Aspire TC705 with these specs: i5 4460 3.2ghz 8gb ram ddr3 H81 Gtx 750 300 watt Will I be able to upgrade my graphics card to a gtx 1060 6gb or do I need to upgrade anything in my system for it to work. If it doesent work with the 1060 please leave me suggestions of good...
  19. Nerdy Nerd

    Discussion: HTC Vive vs Oculus Rift

    So this is a discussion as you can tell by the title. I want this to be a thread where people who are interested in VR (Virtual Reality) can go to see the differences between the two VR sets and what each VR has going for them. So things to talk about with each one is: 1. Price 2. Types of...
  20. E

    Building my first pc and had some questions about the hard drive.

    I am building a pc on a budget and have been ordering parts when they are on sale, or bundled with other parts i need ect. I already got a new hard drive ordered in and am now just saving up the money to buy the graphics card and a windows 10 operating system. My question is, could i transfer my...