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  1. K

    Question PC Reboots when playing certain games

    Hey everyone. Brand new at this, but I'm kind of desperate for solutions. I bought my PC (custom built) back in 2015, and since then I've played tons of games with zero issues. However, during the past year or so I've been running into the problem where I play a game (that I used to play for...
  2. yakamaster

    Question PC restarts while playing games.(Kernel-power 41)

    Hi all, I recently bought an asus gtx 970 graphic card from a friend and worked well for a while, but now when i play games computer freezes and restarts. sometimes after restarting it keeps on restarting until it becomes stable again. These freezes and restarts are totally random and comes...
  3. S

    can gddr5 support to my motherboard

    My Biostar smart a780l3c motherboard support gddr5 graphic card like gtx750ti