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    Question how to undervolt a gtx 980 reference card?

    i wanna know if theres a way to undervolt this card to keep the wattage usage lower. i was planning to use msi afterburning but when i tried to do ctrl+F it doesnt show the custom curve for the voltage perhaps someone can help me out with this.
  2. X

    [SOLVED] GPU not working

    My GPU was working fine but would occasionally cut out so I had to plug the HDMI out and back in for it to work. Now my PC only boots when a GPU isn't installed but I get no display. If I try plug in the GPU again it will boot for a little while. Specs: GPU MSI GTX 980 4GB CPU. RYZEN...
  3. K

    Question Monitor goes black while gaming for 3 seconds and then comes back

    So i recently build my new pc and after the build i started playing games. But while playing games the screen would go black for around 3 seconds and then would come back again. I have 3 monitors but only the middle one would go black. I tried reinstalling windows, using diffrent cables...
  4. M

    Question GTX 980 Driver Problem (glitches)

    Specs : motherboard : aorus z370 gaming 3 Gpu : msi gtx 980 dragon army Cpu : I5 8600k overclocked to 4ghz ram : 16 gb of ddr4 ram at 2600~ mhz powersupply : fsp 550w im running the lastest driver version (430.86) + latest windows 10 version Hello, So yesterday i have been playing for...
  5. A

    Question GTX 980 or RX 580?

    I'm helping my son upgrade his gaming PC. I know computers, but not graphics cards. I'm looking at a GTX 980 4GB (not TI) for $130 on offerup here in PDX, as well as a couple of RX 580 8GB units for about the same price. I looked at some benchmark sites and the GTX 980 seems a bit beefier but...
  6. N

    Question Optimized Overclock for my Build? Suggestions? Please?

    Attempting to get a performance boost past stock. So I am looking for someone to give me a their best guess on the highest OC Settings I can go without risking stability issues. I'm having issues at stock settings in games and don't believe my system specs (Although relatively old) should have...
  7. islandwalker

    How to Tell an SSD Deal From a Solid-State Dud

    Can you tell a deal from a dud when shopping for an SSD? Here are a few tips to help. How to Tell an SSD Deal From a Solid-State Dud : Read more
  8. D

    2400g what should i go with now 1080ti or 2080?

    hi, i have a pc with ryzen 2400g, 16gb ram vengeance, msi b350 gaming plus, i am looking for a graphics card, and now stuck with these two msi gtx 1080ti gaming x or msi rtx 2080, the price difference is not that much so should i go with 2080 or i will face some bottleneck, please do let me...
  9. P

    PC going through thermal shutdown but temps are nowhere near the thermal shutdown limits

    Hello, this is my first post, so excuse the mistakes. My computer is going through processor thermal trip apparently but the temps are near 45-60 degrees on load, I tried changing power options in the settings to balanced,power saver and high performance. High performance used to crash as soon...
  10. J

    Won't turn on

    Won't come on
  11. A

    lost mobile phone

    i lost my vivo mobile phone which having IMEI no, is Mod edit: don't post personal info.
  12. G

    Power color burn capacitor within warranty

    I have power color video card, description:VGA POWER COLOR AX6570 2GB DDR3 128B 2GBK3-HE. I buy it from gaisano interpace dipolog branch, I return it to the gaisano interpace dipolog for RMA because it's under in warranty but it's so sad that the supplier said the warranty is good because the...
  13. B

    Windows keeps disconnecting

    Windows won't connect to wifi. I tried everything from disconnecting and reconnecting to reinstalling drivers to resting the modem. I just don't know what to do. It'll stay connected for 5 seconds then disconnect. Please help.
  14. D

    My computer miraculously “shuts off” after 10 or so minutes of usage.

    Hi, recently I have been having issues with my personal computer. Whenever I start up my computer I am able to use it for the majority of 10 minutes, then my monitor has shut off, keyboard and mouse go unresponsive, but my computer still hums as if it were still running and functioning. I have...
  15. D

    Weird Audio Issues In Some Games

    Hey guys, so I'm having a few audio issues when playing some games. Thankfully it's only happening on a few games but its annoying. So on games like Star Wars Battlefront and COD BO3 whatever character your being the audio is odd for. So on Star Wars Battlefront, whatever character you're...
  16. N

    2 different GPUs for 1 monitor

    Hello I'm configuring a PC for 3 major purposes: X-Plane 11, deep learning and CAD. For the first two I've settled on a GTX1080ti and for the third I've settled on a Radeon Pro wx5100. I have 3 questions: 1. Is it possible to have a set up so that for the same monitor I can easilly switch from...
  17. L

    PSU for new build

    I was wondering if this PSU can handle this build: intel core i7 77ook msi gtx 1060 x 16 gb ram corsair 2TB hard drive WD the PSU is fsp hexa +500w psu
  18. T

    Do i have to reinstall windows after changing the mainboard and the processor

    I'm using H81M-S2PV motherboard from Gigabyte and Pentium G3450 and i want to upgrade to B85-E45 and Core i5-4460. So, if i do that, do i have to reinstall windows? Also, i'm using windows 10 64-bit.
  19. W

    PC Case FRYING my motherboard

    Hi guys, Have any of you heard of this happening before? I'm building a rig for a friend, nothing fancy just a very basic system. The main components consist of: - Gigabyte F2A68HM-HD2 Motherboard - Corsair 450W - HyperX FURY Series 4GB DDR3 1866MHz - AMD APU A8 7650K Black Edition - DYNAMODE...
  20. M

    upgrading 2500k to 2600k

    hey, i'm currently using a 2500k that is on a stable 4.7 gh, i'm however seeing quite a lot of youtube videos where cpu's with a higher threadcount show higher frames or lower min frames. upgrading to a 2600k would cost me an extra 40 euros, upgrading to a 3770k would cost 90 to a 100 euros...