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  1. D

    Question MSI Gtx970 not appearing in device manager/not outputting image when it does

    Hello! Today I got a used gtx970 but I'm having trouble installing it My roommate helped me and we tried many things but nothing seems to work! First of all, here are my specs 2x8gb ram Intel i5 2400 Mobo biostar h61mh Video card Msi gtx970 twinfroze V And we connect the card to the screen via...
  2. kikani.kautik

    how to resolve smart pss v2.2 problem ?

    how to resolve smart pss v2.2 problem ? Hello everyone, I want to resolve Smart PSS camera software Problem. when i double click on smart pss icon nothing happens. After reinstall its working for few days only. Smart PSS ver 2.2.0 not working properly. i want to permanent solution if you...