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    Question GTX 1070 lagging to 20 fps on low settings?

    As the title says, my GTX 1070 is sometimes slowing down to 20 fps. I generally play roblox so I thought it was just a bad update, but when I had gone over to Euro Truck Simulator 2 MP, I got so much lag any time I past a single player's truck. Naturally I turned down my settings thinking maybe...
  2. C

    Question Lag spikes in all games.

    Hello, I have been experiencing lag spikes in all of my games since I can remember. I have slowly started to upgrade my PC and cleaned all the files formatted it and changed the most important parts. For example I would be playing fortnite and will have anywhere between 100-250 fps and then...
  3. supermanu15

    Question GTX 1660Ti or GTX 1070?

    I've seen benchmarks where they are trading blows depending on the game with sometimes the 1660Ti pulling ahead on some but the difference goes between 3-10 fps or so. I am looking for a high fps experience in 1080p. I am upgrading from an RX 470, will the difference be noticeable? Is it a good...
  4. Anguxilion

    Question All my games are crashing/freezing

    I don't know what exactly is going on, about a week a go, I started to get errors on games, i mean, it was literaly working fine, and then boom, everything stopped working, no matter what I play, demanding or not, I can't play, all games start, and in 40 sec or 1 min, the image freezes completly...
  5. Mr_Pleasant23

    [SOLVED] Is it okay if I have a little thermal paste in the surrounding circuits

    I was replacing my thermal paste on my Asus 980 ti Strix OC and I got a bit of the stock paste in the little circuits surrounding the GPU. I'm just wondering if that is alright and I'm not too sure if the stock paste is electrically conductive.
  6. Question Will The Gtx 1650 work with this Prebuilt Computer?

    I bought the fujitsu esprimo p420 e85 about 2 months ago and I wanted to know if the MSI GeForce gtx 1650 AERO ITX 4GB OC will work with this Prebulit PC or any gtx 1650 since I want to use it to play Cyberpunk 2077. This is the PC Thank You In Advance.
  7. T

    Question Enough power?

    AMD Ryzen 3 2200g Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3000hz Ram 2x8GB WD Black SN750 M.2 250GB HyperX Fury 120GB SSD Gigabyte B450M DS3H Gigabyte WB1733D-I Corsair CX450M Currently have this setup but looking to add a GTX Titan Black, however the power limits would be borderline, just slightly over...
  8. L

    Question i3-2120 + gtx 660 on 430w can it work?

    Hey do you all think that a i3 2120 and gtx 660 run on a evga 430w psu. this is the one i own from what ive seen using calculators like outervision that the recommended psu is about 422w but i never built a computer...
  9. B

    Question Time to Upgrade 3570k?

    Hey guys! Just wanted to get a general consensus on if its finally the time to upgrade my cpu. With the new Ryzen chips coming out as well as leaks on Intel's next Gen things are picking up in the CPU market. I run a 1440P 144HZ monitor with a GTX 1070 Strix I do a lot of gaming with chrome and...
  10. W

    [SOLVED] Would it really make a difference if I upgraded from the i7 4790K to the R5 3600?

    I can probably guess there are hundreds of questions about the new ryzen cpus since they seem like absolute bargains. I am just wondering is it really worth it to upgrade from what I have now to the R5 3600? From research the performance increase is 20 odd percent, is that worth the new...
  11. E

    Question Help!! gpu issues

    Hi everyone, thanks in advance for taking the time to help me out with this issue! I'm sure ill get a lot of comments saying that my hardware its old and outdated... blah blah blah but please try to understand that its not about the hardware, but a fulfillment of my childhood.. haha THIS IS...
  12. J

    Question Standard GTX 750 no signal of death

    This problem has been widely brought up but from looking over what seems like hundreds most seem to be smaller personal issues or most seem to be for first time startups on PCS. I have been properly using this GTX 750 no overclocking for like a year and a half. Today I went to change my desk...
  13. S

    Question Help me choosing the right graphics card?

    My config; Intel i5 7th gen 7500, Corsair 8gb ddr4 2400Mhz, Corsair VS550 watt PSU, Asus prime B250-Pro LGA1151 motherboard, Seagate 2TB firecuda HDD, Crucial 275gb MX300 SSD, My budget for graphic card is within 30K
  14. A

    Question Upgrade or not from 1070

    I have a gtx 1070 , and am looking to upgrade as i have a EG 27" QHD 1440P 144hz 1ms Gaming Monitor , so now is it worth getting a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11GB GDDR5X (random make) for £540, 2 years warranty, or a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 8GB GDDR6 for £600 (random make again) 2 year...
  15. arhamsaif

    Question I need suggestion for my gaming PC..Suggest me Intel i9 or AMD 3rd Gen?

    Hello! Guys I am going to built my Gaming PC with RTX 2080Super and I9 9900k what other component you suggest me buy? or I9 is better or 3rd generation AMD is better?? Please Configure my PC
  16. T

    Question Buy a Laptop with 1060 6GB now or Wait a little?

    Hi guys, So i'm that lucky that I have a job where I can spend time to game when there is nothing to do in the nights and evenings. I'm looking for a gaming laptop to use on the go and that my girlfriend can use at home when i'm not at work and i'm using my desktop. I really like the new...
  17. E

    Question 2 gpus for 2 displays

    When ever i'm playing a game on my 144hz monitor and I have a twitch stream open on my 60hz screen my 144hz goes to 60hz. So I got my gtx 960 and connected my 60hz to it and connected my 144hz screen to my gtx 1060 but my refresh rate still changes. Is there a way around this?
  18. T

    Question GTX Titan Black

    Is the GTX Titan Black 6gb GPU worth £100 compared to what else you can get on the used market today. Not sure if the older high end card is worth the money or if I should get a newer card retailing at less on the used market. Just after price to performance. Thanks
  19. M

    Question 1660Ti compatibility with my motherboard

    Hi, last year i bought a HP Desktop computer (this one, and i want to know if i could upgrade the 1050 to the 1660ti (this one...
  20. C

    Question is this original gtx 680?

    I'm looking for a GTX 680, I found this. I want to know the authenticity of this GTX 680? I also want to know how to identify the original GTX 680?