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  1. Mörtti

    Question why my fps is so low with gtx 1080 and i7-6700k

    I play fortnite with 1080p monitor of 144hz. My pc specs are gtx 1080 i7-6700k 16gb ram 256gb SSD 1TB HDD and i cant even reach 240+ fps in fortnite. Sometimes my fps drops to under 144. Why it does that when im having good pc?
  2. R

    Question FPS Very low in EVGA GTX 1080 FTW DT

    Hi everyone, I'm having an annoying problem, I'm with very low FPS in some games especially Assassins Creed Odyssey, in ultra settings 1080p gets oscillating between 30 - 45 fps, I've seen on the same on youtube, settings that my 60-80 fps, already tried to reinstall windows, update bios, clean...
  3. Boowy

    Question 2x less FPS with GTX1080

    Hello everyone! I recently get my self GTX1080 Armor OC from MSI and im experiencing twice as low FPS than i see in lots of differend benchmarks on youtube or benchmark sites. My iron: View: -i7 4790k (Turbo Boost on all cores ON, 4.5GHz) -GTX1080 MSI Armor OC...
  4. N

    Question Overclock gtx 1080

    Okay first of all i am kinda new to overclocking. Today I tried it and I am a confused...probably I am just naive because I am new at this topic...but anyways my Gtx 1080 overclock: 2.063Mhz Gpu clock 8.192Mhz Mem clock And 60% Fan Speed And after a few tests I noticed that it runs at about 50...
  5. H

    Question Designating GPU to specific monitor?

    I’m running an Asus laptop with a gtx 1050. Recently I bought a portable, secondary screen for my laptop for a few reasons: utility, convenience, workload, and because I can’t stand to not have a secondary screen after years of using dual screens on my desktop. I want to buy an eGPU for my...
  6. Saint141

    [SOLVED] Sapphire RX580/590 vs Inno3d GTX1070ti vs Zotac GTX1080 mini for long-term 1080p gaming?

    Hello guys! Hope this kind of questions are welcome here, because I really need a bit of advice on this. And it's a bit specific, due to limited amount of choices I have at the moment. So I came to this point in my life when my almost 10 years old radeon hd5770 doesn't run most of the new...