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    Question Display card error GTX 1080Ti

    Specs: MSI Z370-A PRO mobo Intel Core i5-8400 CPU Palit GTX-1080Ti GPU Corsair Vengeance 8GB 3000MHz RAM Corsair VS 650 PSU Windows 10 Hi, on startup the VGA light (white) on the motherboard comes on, I then get 1 long beep and 2 short beeps which I believe signals a monitor or display card...
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    Question Used gtx 1080ti or new RTX 2080 (300$ difference)

    Hello, what would you suggest is better choice GTX 1080ti Founders Edition (last 5 days of warranty) or new MSI RTX 2080 Ventus (2 years warranty) -> RTX 2080 is 300 $ more in my country than used gtx 1080ti that I mentioned. My cpu is Ryzen 2700x ( which I might return and buy 3900x). I do...
  3. Question GIGABYTE RMA problem!

    Hi, guys. I bought a gigabyte product and used it for about 9 months. but recently GTX1080TI is broken. However, due to physical damage, they said it was impossible to repair And then I sent you a picture. But I've never done any physical damage. Does this look like physical damage to you...
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    Question Connecting Samsung QLED TV to my PC

    Greetings all, I want to connect my Samsung 2018 QLED TV to my PC. I use GTX1080Ti and want to try gaming on my TV... Do I need to use HDMI 2.0 to HDMI 2.0 or HMDI 2.0 to DP cable? What else do I need to do to make all this possible?
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    Question Intentional gpu damage?!

    Bear with me, I'm getting truly annoyed... So last year I bought 3 Gtx1080ti Poseidon cards for some deep learning project concept nothing crazy. Then I sold one of them as used last September while leaving the olders for myself as a gaming card in SLi. Last month the person contacted me that...
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    [SOLVED] Fan thermal compound

    I have a new fan and I need to replace my old one but the cpu has thermal paste still on it do I have to get more
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    Vga Port Overheating

    Hello guys i have a really weird problem, i was clean my laptop yesterday then when i Press the power button marked area (near Vga Port) getting very Hot in 5 sec and The cooling block is not touching this area please help (sorry for my English) :( Update: VGA Port damaged
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    PC blinks on and off. Fixed it by removing a memory module. Now what?

    Hiya. A few days back I had to disconnect my PC and move it to another room while they were installing new floor tiles in my room. It worked fine when I disconnected it. When I connected it today, it would light up, the fans would spin for .5s and then stop for 3s, rinse and repeat. I started...