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  1. D

    Question No Vbios after restart

    I have a gtx 1650 that is giving the error 43. looking into gpu-z that's all the information it gives me After flashing a new vbios with nvflash, more information start to show after I restart the pc it goes back to be like in the first image, i've tried some diferent bios and all it...
  2. Sideek

    Question My Asus Gaming Laptop runs games at only 15-10 FPS ?

    Hi I have an Asus TUF Gaming FX506LH Laptop. CPU - i5 10300h GPU - GTX1650 4GB RAM - 8GB DDR4 The laptop used to run games well at 70-60 fps, but now it cannot run games well, as it runs them at 10-15 FPS in the game Forza Horizon 5 on Very low settings. I doubt that this is a problem with...
  3. hasanuzzaman015

    Question Should I get a gtx 1650 or rx 6500xt 4gb? or save more to get rtx 3050?

    My Zotac RTX 2060 might be dead. I'm praying I can fix it. But in case I can't, I don't have too much budget right now so I'll have to settle for a downgrade unfortunately. So between - PNY GeForce GTX 1650 4G Dual Fan Low Profile 4GB GDDR6 Graphics Card (cheapest decent option from nvidia...
  4. Weiss Belladonna

    Question Eternal Return crashes after GPU spiked to 100

    Hi Everyone! I'm currently playing Eternal Return on Steam lately but the game is crashing 99% every game. Just noticed that my GPU performance in my task bar is hitting 100% that causes the crash. I already sent a ticket to the support team of the game and ask me to sfc scan my windows, and...
  5. M

    [SOLVED] PNY Gtx 1650 Dual fan

    Hi, Is the Pny Gtx 1650 dual fan worth buying for $190 or shall I buy the Asus Gtx 1650 dual fan which is $30 dollar expensive.
  6. rope00

    Question MSI Twin Frozr GTX 1650 is not detected ?

    I currently have Ryzen 2200g processor and I am currently using it's drivers for integrated graphics. I tried to install the hardware which is MSI GTX 1650 however, device manager wont detect it and thus, I can't install NVIDIA graphics DRIVERS. I tried to remove AMD graphics using DDU and...
  7. inflare

    Question 100% GPU Usage and Low fps

    I have a gtx 1650 and i noticed while playing games, the gpu usage will gradually increase to 100%, for example fortnite, im on a constant 144fps then after a few mins it goes to like 40-50fps while my temp is at 91C and 100% gpu usage
  8. inflare

    [SOLVED] GPU Temp always at 91C

    I have a GTX 1650 and i just recently cleaned my pc and my temp is always on 91C even when idle
  9. ok021

    [SOLVED] can an i5-8600k( not OC) get bottlenecked by a gtx1650(slightly OC).

    at the moment, i have an i3-8100 ith 8gb of ram and gtx1650. i m planning to upgrade the cpu to an i5-8600k (stock). can the gpu bottleneck the cpu in a big way? or should i get something slower like an i5-9400f so its a balanced system all round? I mainly use it to play games like r6, gta V and...
  10. Vkwyd

    Question Blank screen after Enabling Secure boot

    Hi, Recently I checked Windows 11 compatibility by an app by Microsoft. It showing we need to enable secure boot, so I enabled the secure boot in BIOS. After that only blank screen is showing in monitor. I checked on google, and tried to reset the BIOS in almost everyway. After resetting bios...
  11. C

    Question GTX1650 not working

    I recently bought a new GTX1650 installed it correctly on my PC but when I boot it up I get a beep sound when the intel logo page shows and then when I get to windows login which comes up with the screen all in lines and disoriented.
  12. samjr

    [SOLVED] Does undervolting my GTX 1650 decrease the power limit consumption?

    Does undervolting only decrease the temps or can reduce the power limit consumption as well? I own Asus ROG Strix G531GT Laptop and noticed that my GPU (having TGP of 50W) always suffers from Power limit throttling. Now since I can't increase the TGP of the laptop, I was thinking whether...
  13. J

    Question Can i put a GTX 1650 in a Lenovo Thinkcentre e73 if I change the Power Supply?

    I'm thinking about buying a used Lenovo Thinkcentre e73, with a i5 cpu and upgrading the gpu for some gaming. I've seen some posts about upgrading this computer model and some of them talk about the power supply not being able to supply enough to some gpus. What if I also upgrade the power...
  14. A

    Question Upgrade GPU to Gtx 1650 Super on 4th Gen Intel Core i5

    Hello, My Current config is described below. CPU : Intel Core i5 4440 Motherboard: Intel DB85FL RAM : 8 GB DDR3 GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 650 Ti Bosst 2 GB Storage: OS and games on SSD and other app/files on HDD PSU: 550 W I am planning to buy a GTX 1650 Super replacing the existing GPU keeping...
  15. F

    [SOLVED] RX 560x Vs GTX 1650 Mobile

    Whats better? Rx 560X 4GB Mobile Or GTX 1650 4GB Mobile
  16. Koushik Das Sunny

    [SOLVED] Can I Use "GTX 1650 OC" in DH55TC 1st Gen Mother Board ??

    Hi, I have a first gen intel i3-540, DH55TC Mother Board, 8 GB RAM, 450w SNPS, Win 7 64bit Pro Can I Use "GTX 1650 OC" in DH55TC 1st Gen Mother Board ??? Please Help Me
  17. J

    [SOLVED] What would be the best Gpu that i could pair with my limited system?

    I am limited to my psu being a 350 watt flex atx 1u and there hard to find, unreliable and expensive. What would be the best graphics card i could pair with my system? I was thinking about the gtx 1650 and would this be a substantial enough upgrade to notice until i get a new system within the...
  18. Frankor

    Question gtx 1650 for $185 or RX 570 for $218?

    Hi, I need help. The price of the RX 570 in my country is $ 218 dollars, while the gtx 1650 on offer is $ 185 dollars. I need to save money but due to the different analyzes I don't know if it is worth buying the gtx 1650 for the $ 185. Note: in my country the cards are more expensive than in...
  19. F

    Question Should i get a new psu?

    In a few weeks i'm gonna buy a gtx 1650. It recomends a 300w psu and i have a sentey 500w that doesn't have any certification. Should i buy another one with an 80 plus rate? If so, What power supply do you recomend for a 100usd budget?
  20. J

    Question Will a GTX 1650 work in an old Dell XPS 8500

    My current gtx 660 is starting to clonk out. I cannot play any games for longer than 20 minutes without it overheating and getting black screen. I've been extensively researching new cards and am leaning towards a gtx 1650. I know that the 1060 and 1050 ti would work, but the price range (in...