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  1. George521dj2

    [SOLVED] HELP! : PC Will only boot with my old graphics card

    Hi there, Last week I went to turn my comuter on (which was running a gtx1050 at the time), to which I discovered that it would not boot. The system had been working fine for a year before but when I turned it on there was no beep from the motherboard and no display whatsoever ( not even the...
  2. J

    [SOLVED] Upgrading RAM concern

    Hello, I recently had an issue where my PC wouldn't stay on after adding a GTX 1650 super, and was helped by wonderful people here which resolved the issue that my RAM was mixed ( i was using Crucial 8GB 1GX64 DDR3 1600UDIMM 240 with the 4gb RAM i will post below) I would like to upgrade my...