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    Question How to go about starting an overclock?

    Hi i have the MSI gtx 960 4gb oc, , and i’m wondering if anyone else has had this card and what’s a good like medium overclock, nothing to heavy as i’m brand new to overclocking. Or if there’s a guide on how to overclock if someone could...
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    Hi there, I just got secondhand GTX960 4GB SSC and I have been told that there was failed overclock to the card and then some savings, the story is really complicated so I won't enter it. My question is if there is any way to reset the cards BIOS or something just to be sure ?
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    Question Streaming 4k video on PC (Netflix, Amazon Prime) Problems

    Hi all, first time poster. I recently upgraded my old monitor to a 32" Samsung UR95C curved 4k display and upgraded my GTX570 video card to a GTX960 to support 4k. The 4k videos i watch on Youtube look amazing. However i am unable to stream any 4k from Netflix. I have learned that you need...
  4. Question GTX 960 getting very low FPS

    I really meant to get around to this a while back, but my computer has been running extremely slow recently. I used to play WoW with around 80 FPS on Medium quality or so but now I can barely play it on low. They've updated a lot of it and made new models, but I doubt that alone is the issue. I...
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    Question Intel turbo boost

    hello, so i recently bought i5 8400 and since Counter strike:Global offensive can only benefit from 2 Cores, i enabled Intel turbo boost in bios, but since then i got 50+ fps increase, but my game became more choppy and stuttery, then i tried leave boost on auto mode it seemed less choppy but...
  6. akenixx

    Question Gpu random shutdown, Unstable?

    Hey! :) Let me introduce myself for a moment. My name is Akenixx, I'm a 25 years old dude from the netherlands. i really like technology in my spare time. I got a problem where my pc craches while playing any demanding game. my monitor goes black at a random moment while i could still hear...
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    Connecting an external monitor to my laptop decreases performance

    I connected an external monitor that is 1080p 60hz to my laptop that also has a 1080p 60hz display , in display settings I set it that only the externak monitor to be on and hope into overwatch , it was all good , I played an hour and realised that the performance decreased I just thought the...
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    Intel i7 8700k spiking to 100% utilization and causing freezing

    Hey, I have had an ongoing freezing issue with my PC and have tried many things to no avail. While under load (playing Overwatch at 144hz on Medium settings 1080p) and while just browsing chrome my computer freezes for about 5 seconds and then resumes operating. Task manager shows that some of...
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    Will mounting ssd and cables like this hurt it?

    Will mounting ssd and cables like this hurt anything? The sata power cables are 90degree and to fit horizontally they need to be bent quite a bit.
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    New build, no display with gpu or integrated graphics. Tried everything...

    Hey everybody, I know this has been asked a billion times, and Ive read everything that I could about it. I just built a new pc for the first time, with a ryzen 5 1500x cpu, an asusprime 8350 plus mb, a 450 watt evga psu, and from what I can tell, it is booting, but then I get 1 long beep...
  11. kcarbotte

    HTC Vive WiGig Wireless Upgrade Is Coming In Q3 2018

    HTC today announced that later this year it would release a wireless accessory for the Vive based on Intel’s WiGig technology. The new device would enable a tether-free VR experience for the current Vive and the upcoming Vive Pro. HTC Vive WiGig Wireless Upgrade Is Coming In Q3 2018 : Read more
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    Headphone amp with cheap headphones

    Will an amp make cheap headphones sound better? If not will a amp + equalizer help? Just looking for y'all's opinions. Thanks
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    Upgrade to a i5 7500 or wait for 9th gens

    I have a g4560 right now and i want to upgrade it to the i5 7500 but the games i play i have no issue running them. Or wait until 9th gen intel cpus come out to upgrade. Another idea i had was sell my pc to a friend and get a good ryzen pc because i made the mistake of not buying an ssd and i...
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    Microphone just stopped working

    One day i was speaking on skype using my headset,like every day, nothing unusual happened but tomorrow i was unable to use my microphone.Laptop detects it but when i record something or listen under control panel (listen back to audio) it dont hear anything. Now i am not stupid of course i...
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    Stuttering while playing games.

    Constant stuttering while playing games. My PC specs are: Ryzen 5 1600 CPU overclocked at 3,7GHz; GTX ROG STRIX 1060 6GB GPU; MSI 350M GAMING PRO Motherboard; 8GB DDR4 RAM; 550W PSU; Windows 10 PRO N OS. Games tried: Battlefield 1 (Multiplayer), Fortnite, Paladins and sometimes in CS:GO. Temps...
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    Upgrading - Black Friday Prep!

    Hello, I am hoping to upgrade my ~7 year old pc this Black Friday. I am in need of advice on what I should buy for my needs. My current PC: i7 950 gtx 660 g skill 6gb sabertooth x58 I'm going to be keeping my case, hdd, and psu. Cooler Master HAF 912 WD Black 3TB EVGA SuperNOVA 750W G2 I'd...
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    Asus g501vw upgrade harddrive to SSD

    Hello Tom's Hardware community, I recently attempted to change my Asus G501vw stock hard drive to a samsung 840 evo ssd I had laying around. In the past, reinstalling the ssd after cloning the drive using samsung data migration brough upon no problems. However, the asus laptop was not able to...
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    Unable to install Java on Windows 10

    I've been trying to install Java for a long time now, but I can't get it to work. Whenever I launch the installer it won't even show a window, and I can see the installer process in the task manager for a second, then it disappears. I tried tons of solutions I found googling, but none of them...
  19. L

    MSI mystic light sync

    So I'm gonna buy the msi b350 gaming pro carbon, and I want to spice up my build with some rgb strips. But I can't find which rgb strips are compatible with msi's mystic light rgb sync. Does anyone know what rgb strips are compatible. Plus the rgb strip that I'd like to buy is the Corsair...
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    No input devices work after sketchy driver 'update'

    Hey, so I was trying to update my windows computer (Nextbook Flexx 11) and somehow went to update drivers. I downloaded some software (not sure which app I chose) and started to update the drivers. All of them were downloaded and installed, so I restarted my computer. After the restart nothing...