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  1. elric91

    Question Input lag on xbox one pc controller after streaming

    While Streaming on Twitch i had input lag,but when i stopped streaming everything was ok,so i change on obs settings so it was a priority,but after that i didn't change priority again,i start having the issues constante input lag,so i unistalled iba AND streamlabs,but didn't change priority...
  2. jrjharris

    [SOLVED] I5 2500k (4.2) and overlocked GTX 980 can't run Battlefront 2 on LOW?! Is it my HDD?

    Hi guys, As the question suggests, I'm trying to play Battlefront 2 on my older PC build. Sadly it's just not happening, even on low settings it's unplayable. When I check my GPU/CPU I find threads with people saying they can easily run the game, so I'm a bit lost why my build can't even play...
  3. Aryanj2860

    [SOLVED] White lines across the monitor with GTX980

    Hi guys! I built my PC about 4.5 years ago. The following are my spec for reference: Asus Gtx980 I7 6700k 8gb ram All of a sudden the output from my GPU to my monitor has been really odd. There are white lines across the monitor like so: View: I removed my 980 and...
  4. M

    [SOLVED] Which parts to upgrade to reduce lag and get higher fps in Warzone?

    Hello, I'm home from my uni now cuz of the pandemic, and I thought I'd try to game again. I downloaded the Battle royale game COD Warzone, but I'm not happy with the FPS. I get around 80-90FPS and the game also doesn't feel smooth at all. All the graphics are on low and normal. I also have a...
  5. J

    Why can't I send messages or email on my iPhone?

    So I am having an issue with my iPhone. I can't use iMessage or send emails through the Mail app through my iPhone. I don't have any credit on my phone so I can't send messages through normal text. Whenever I try to send a message on iMessages through Wi-Fi, it says "not delivered" next to...
  6. V

    My asrock z77 mobo doesn't like my CD drive cord so idk how to install drivers (URGENT)

    I'm putting this pc together and I'm pretty much done it's just my CD drive is too old and relies on a big flat cord made for an old a bit mobo so I have to install mobo drivers via usb. I really need help finding out which drivers are the ones to download or how to turn the usb into something...
  7. S

    does temperature affect gaming performance

    i am going to chooose an evga gtx 1060 6gb single fan. but i am afraid that a single fan wouldnt keep it cool. i am tight on budget. any dual fan version costs really high. does the temperature of the graphics card affects its performance? will i be getting same or atleast near fps as the dual...
  8. C

    Connect 2 Wireless Router in one Network

    Hello People; At office we have 2 wireless Router modem (Asus Dsl-AC55u and Zxyel )VMG3312-B10B) they both have their own internet access (means we have two internet account). On Asus is our server connected on zyxel are security cams. What i want two achieve is When I'm connected on zyxel ( or...
  9. M

    Compatibility of my mobo and cpu

    Hey guys, I bought a Msi B350 Tomahawk Gaming mobo and wanted to know if it's compatible without issue's with a ryzen 1500x ? I heard some complains lately and wanted to be sure before opening them. Regards
  10. K

    Laptop wont getting ON

    I have a hp pavilion g6 laptop. Yesterday it stopped working. The problem is, it is not getting on, sometime it gets on but for last 10 hours its not getting on please help me sir. What may be the possible reasons. Kapil verma, INDIA Thanks.
  11. M

    Case fans sometimes start, sometimes do not on reboot

    I have a strange problem with some new noctua af14a I've installed on my case. Sometimes all 5 will start in powerup, sometimes only the rear can does. If I set fan speeds to max in bios, all will run at full speed. I have a z87-d3h from gigabyte and a rosewill 550w psu. Thanks!
  12. D

    Want to build own PC, please help me!

    I want to build my own PC, but need some help in deciding the right parts. Here's a list of parts I somewhat researched, and think are good. ‌ Asus GTX 1060 Strix OC i5-7600k ‌EKL Alpenföhn Olymp FSP Fortron/Source Hydro 500W ATX 2.4 (HD500) Eclipse P400S I don't know which motherboard, SSD...
  13. T

    Do we still need 2 drives?

    So, lately it seems the way to go is to put your OS on a small SSD, and have a second drive for storage. Do we still even need to these days? Like, for example, I've seen 1 TB M.2 SSD's under $300.. And prices are gonna keep coming down. I think that's more than enough space for average users...
  14. A

    100% packet loss

    Hey im terrible with computers and was wondering if someone here could help me with my problem, my internet a couple days cut out for around 12 hours ( very odd never had happened before), after it started working again i couldnt load things such as steam, certain websites and couldnt connect to...
  15. I

    MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G Slanting/Bending

    My GTX 970 is slanting (the right side) when placed in the case, however when out of the case it's fine. I have researched this and other peoples are fine; from looking at images and YouTube videos. Can someone please help as this is a build for Christmas. Images of the Issue Below through...
  16. W

    EVGA 1050ti VS Gigabyte Radeon RX 460

    Hello again. I would like to know which is better of these two cards. I would like 1080p max settings, 30fps or higher. what would be better?
  17. T

    Is MSI Z170-A PRO LGA 1151 Intel Z170 a good motherboard to go with Intel Core I7 6700K ?

    Hello, I found a good deal on motherboard on Newegg and was wondering if this is good combination. Motherboard($75): MSI Z170-A PRO LGA 1151 Intel Z170 PSU($60) EVGA 750 GQ 210-GQ-0750-V1 80+ GOLD 750W I will also add GTX 1070 later on and intel core I7 6700K. Do you think guys this motherboard...
  18. J

    Poor Performance (csgo and borderlands 2)

    Hi recently I've have been experiencing poor performance on csgo and borderlands2 my build is Gtx 960, i5-4570, 16 GB ram. I have monitored my card and CPU during gameplay (which on borderlands is 13 fps) and have noticed that both my GPU and CPU seem to be running at normal non-processing...
  19. nibir2011

    Is my PSU/GPU dead or alive

    My System is Following 1. CPU - i7 4790K 2. Mobo - ASUS Z97 PRO 3. GPU - AMD R7 260X Sapphire 4. PSU - Cooler Master G550M My PC stopped suddenly, i tried the reset button several time but it did not work. So i opened it and tried the paper clip method of the PSU. The Fan Runs. So i thought...
  20. M

    Is my system capable of overclocking?

    I am fairly new to overclocking, and I wasn't sure if my system is even capable of being overclocked. I was just looking to get a bit of an extra boost while I save up money to get a new graphics card. I currently have a 3.3Ghz six-core fx-6100, and an AMD Radeon Hd6450 Any help as to what...
  21. E

    Can I Use VRAM Heatsinks with Stock Cooler ?

    Can I use VRAM hetsinks like this: With stock cooler of Sapphire R9 280 ?
  22. X

    Question about full tower cases.

    If i was to get a full tower case. Would i need to get a larger motherboard to accompany the size of the case? And do full tower cases make it easier to support larger graphics cards without sacrificing HDD slots?
  23. T

    Does this justify a new laptop?

    The laptop in particular has a bad LCD cable, failing HDD, and failing GPU. Oh by the way, the entire display has to be replaced due to the way the manufacturer designed it..... With this being said, does it justify a new laptop?
  24. S

    What is this?

    fujitsu zero client d602 s26361 k1360 v200. What is this used for? It has no DVI, VGA or HDMI plug on it. It has got 3 usb ports, 1 headphone jack, 1 LAN port and power plug. Is it for security cameras perhaps?
  25. T

    Which build is better for gaming, video editing (average) , and multi-tasking?

    Hi there, i've asked a friend for a computer build and it seemed pretty cool. Afterwards, another one of my friends had recommended me another one, I really can't decide which is better due to not being extremely knowledgeable in the field. Would anyone like to tell me which is better? Are there...
  26. A

    Help Random Pc restarts!

    Hello Guys can anyone help me with this PC error im having Specs Are: MOBO: M5A78L-MUSB3 GPU: GTX 970 STRIX 4GB CPU: FX8350 RAM: 16GB KINGSTON FURY X COOLER:HYPER EVO 212 PSU: CX750 I recently upgraded from a FX6300 to a fFX8350 and ever since had had a random restart problem, this can vary...
  27. tedi53

    i have now 1440p monitor, what to upgrade next

    better gpu or cpu for 1440p gaming ???
  28. N

    My new graphics card

    Here is a version of the RX 480 I found for the same price Just will wait for a new stock. Can you tell me if it is compatible with my PC. (sorry im a noob at this sort of thing) specs below: Here are my specs: Motherboard: MSI...
  29. N

    No performance boost after overclocking

    So I overclocked my R7 260x 2GB to 1250/1660 and no performance boost what so ever. I coundn't get even 1 fps more, can you advice me why?
  30. securityman

    Adding New Laptop to Home

    Just gave my wife a new HP laptop with Win10. I have a yearly paid MSN account. Can she register her laptop in her name and use account from my PC? Or...should we register both as a single user? I am the administrator on home PC but I would like her to be Administrator on her "personal" laptop...
  31. W

    Question regarding CPU temperature jump after fan change

    Hi all, I have a push/pull setup on a CPU cooler and had to change the 'pull' fan as it was making odd noises. The fan I have taken out is a Thermaltake TT-1225, and I have replaced it with a Corsair AF120 Quiet edition. The push fan is an Akasa Viper. While making this change I also swapped...
  32. Matt582

    For under £800, could this be improved?

    I'm helping my friend build a computer and he as around £800 to spend. This is what I've come up with so far: PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: Intel Core i5-6500 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor (£164.28 @ Aria PC) Motherboard: ASRock H170A-X1/3.1 ATX LGA1151 Motherboard...
  33. A

    blank laptop screen

    I was trying to update my volume hardware on my Acer laptop and after it finished updating the laptop restarted so i logged in and then the screen went black with just the courser... I need help
  34. J

    Microphone Only Works When Half Plugged In.

    I recently bought a new cord for my microphone, it is XLR F to 3.5mm. It doesn't work unless the cord is plugged in about halfway. This wouldn't be an issue if I could keep it half plugged in, but it always falls out, any ideas?
  35. C

    Q8300 + GTX 950 = bottleneck ?

    I will play CS:GO and maybe some FC4 Will it bottleneck ? And also will it work on a PCIE x16 Gen 1? (PCIE 1.0) Thank you !
  36. Storm-cooled72

    Mismatched triple monitor gaming?

    I have an 24" acer GD235hz (1920x1080 120hz) for my center monitor, flanked by 2 20" HP S2031 (1600x900 60hz) monitors. I mainly use them for productivity, as I do school and all on them. However, I was wondering if there was a way to do triple monitor gaming on them. I currently have a GTX...
  37. A

    Help With Resetting Windows 10

    I need to reset Windows 10 to fix my computer, since I have been having multiple issues with the store and so on. I chose the option to keep my files and settings, but then it showed a pop-up with a long list of programs I would have to reinstall. Some of the things on this list are programs...
  38. L

    Gaming on budget laptops

    I'm talkin the sub 600usd laptops i did a little digging im gonna settle for a lowend-ish laptop, (just 1 game that i really want to play.) 930m are everywhere, and 940m are slightly above my budget. would like to know about AMD options. Then theres the processors. i3 and i5s are both 2...
  39. H

    PC not starting.

    I've been helping a friend build their PC, something I've personally done a few times now, but I'm having a bit of trouble with this one. All components in, green light on the motherboard, but nothing happens when I press the power button. The fans don't begin to spin and none of the LEDs light...
  40. J

    Samsung M.2 boot problem Z170 Pro Gaming

    Hi there, Recently build a new computerconfiguration and all seemed to go well, untill.... I mannaged to install Win7 pro 64bit on it, but when it's finished, the system gave me a BSOD. Tried to find some solutions on this forum but didn't seem to find the right (working) one so far. I went...