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  1. A

    Question Public WiFi at RV park

    Hi, I have an RV park that is having 10-40 consistent streamers/gamers depending on day/time. We currently have 4 Ruckus T310C devices spread evenly across the RV park providing excellent coverage. My issue is that we are upgrading our internet from cable to fiber 1gig up/1gig down, as you...
  2. J

    My Acer laptop is stuck on “Resetting this PC 58%”

    Yesterday I decided to, over night, reset my laptop as it has gotten some viruses and I don’t have too much important files on there. I stored my files on a USB and then decided to reset my computer and delete all the files. I also decided to reset my drivers as I installed some stuff that was...
  3. Praveen926

    Chepeast 144hz or 120hz monitor.

    All in the question. Here are my specs if you need i5 6500. GTX 1060 6GB, 8GB. Don't ask me for budget since I need to know the cheapest on earth. IDC about branding and looks tho. :)
  4. W

    How is the MSI tech support?

    ayy i am thinking about getting one of the thin MSI laptops like the Ghost 3k or whatever, and they look to have great laptop specs and a great price (especially compared to the New Razer Blade 14) But there is one thing that i could not find on google, which is how good the customer service is...