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  1. D

    Question Can't boot to windows without CSM enabled after changing to GPT

    Hey everyone, I converted my boot drive to GPT from MBR, and the drive shows as GPT in disk management. All seems good, until I go into the bios and disable CSM, and none of my drives then show up to boot to. I would really appreciate any help with this, thanks!
  2. Myronazz

    Question Tool to rebuild partition information

    Hello, I have a very problematic drive over here. Whenever I open it in GPARTED it gives me 'bad block checksum' errors and it keeps asking to rebuild my journal (whatever that is) but despite those errors I am still able to work with the drive in gparted and edit partitions as I please. The...
  3. V

    Question SSD GUID table suddenly has error

    So i'm experiencing a weird problem I had a new kingstone A400 480GB SSD installed on my pc about 4 months ago, and installed windows 10 on it, and everything worked smoothly about 2 weeks ago i was working on photoshop and suddenly the computer froze for about 20 or so mins and then it blue...
  4. O

    my motherboard is 112 CELSIUS HELP!

    So I just built my first computer after months and months of saving up, and after installing the included software for my cpu cooler, I noticed that it says the motherboard temp #1 is at 111. After using it for a while, it goes to 112, sometimes switching between the two.The motherboard temp #2...
  5. ygarti

    what is the best cpu for MAXIMUS VI HERO

    hi i just wanted to know what is the best cpu for LGA1150 and Z87 i have MAXIMUS VI HERO and i want to know what is the best cpu that i can buy ? Thanks :)