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  1. Question Random BSODs and crashes

    Recently I have been getting random crashes, without me changing anything. After a crash occurs, the boot order usually changes and I have to go to the bios and fix it to boot my c drive. Sometimes when this happens, the bios is not working (not responding to anything. keyboard/mouse) and I...
  2. Gecko05

    Question Stuck at BIOS boot. Keyboard doesn't work

    Hi, I got this PC that stopped working due to no apparent reason. Used the PC at night then the next day when I came back from work it wasn't working anymore. I'm not sure if the MOBO is broken or if it is the processor. When I turn it on it sometimes gets stuck after the Gigabyte splash screen...
  3. C

    Laptop powers off after unplugged

    Hello first post here :D, currently using an asus rog g751jt-ch71 and damaged my charger by accident. :( Recently I have noticed the battery wear has increased on hw monitor and now it has gotten so severe that my laptop turns off after being unplugged. Also I cannot replace the battery as it...
  4. S

    radeon hd 7770

    please tell me is there enough athlon 450 @ 3.8 GHz for the disclosure of the video card HD7770