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  1. S

    How To huawei p smart 2019 gyroscope problem

    So i switched from galaxy a7 2018 to huawei p smart an i noticed that gyroscope on huawei is really delayed and slow in pubg mobile and anything else related to gyroscope so does anybody know how to fix that because things like playing games with gyroscope or watching vr is really bad expirience.
  2. B

    Can I flash my bios without a CPU?

    I recently purchased a new CPU, my old CPU was broken when my boyfriend took it out and bent some of the pins. I thought since I had to replace it, I might as well upgrade it. I have a HP pavilion P6208f ND I bought the "AMD phenom II x4 black edition 955. When we try to install it it says...
  3. DrDerpCannon25

    EQ wave measurement?

    How do I measure the full frequency spectrum, I'm trying to make a custom eq preset in realtek hd audio driver to make it easier for me to hear some of the sounds in rainbow six siege. I want something free if possible. I just need to see which frequencies to accentuate, and which ones to turn down.