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  1. puke.rainbow

    Question It's normal having 54 C degrees on idle? i5 9600kf

    Hi everyone. I have an i5 9600kf with Corsair h100i v2 and on idle I get 55 C degrees and playing games like CoD MW or Apex gets up to 69 C degrees. Is that normal? I haven't OC the processor. The thermal paste I use is Cooler Master essential e2 Thanks
  2. D

    Question is the h100i Pro good cooler for i9-9900k?

    i am still able to return the h100i pro and get a new one if this one isnt good enough lmk
  3. DJLegacy2k5

    Question Help Connecting Corsair h100i & 6QL120s PLEASE!

    Hello I made a change to my setup I need to install TODAY so please clear this up. I've read all of the threads on setup but I'm still slightly confused as this is my first time. I have the Corsair h100i Platinum AIO 240mm but I bought TWO 3 pack kits of QL120 Fans both come with Light Node...
  4. S

    [SOLVED] Is the Corsair H100i RGB Platinum enough to cool a I9-9900k Stock

    So i am buying a new PC and i decided to go with the I9-9900k, but i do not know much about cooler. At first i wasnt supposed to get the 9900k but the 9700k so i went with a Corsair H100i RGB Platinum. I was wondering if this cooler is gonna work for my 9900k, i am not planning on overclocking...
  5. P

    [SOLVED] Is a Corsair H100i RGB Platinum ok for cooling an i9-9900K?

    I got a new PC build with an i9-9900K and an RTX 2080 Ti, I saw this AIO and got it, but now I've been reading about coolers and I read that the best cooler right now if you are not planning on overclocking is the Noctua NH-D15, which is an air cooler, not an AIO. I believe I'm late in...
  6. B

    Question I74790k running hot

    So I recently got an i74790k from a friend to replace my i74770k. I have an h100i pump and when running cinebench the cores get very hot where as the pump temperature stays cool. I never noticed this with my old cpu. Is this a problem? When under 100% load the tempertures on the cores get up to...
  7. I

    Question Can I use metal thermal paste on CPU?

    Hi, decided to buy some new components today since it seems that my motherboard has been fried. I bought some cooling paste without really looking what I bought so I ended up with Grizzly Conductonaut. However, reading about the thermal paste I now noticed that it is liquid metal that can...
  8. S

    [SOLVED] Would there be any problem with the H100i platinum with ryzen 7?

    I was wondering if the corsairs hydro H100i RGB platinum 240mm would work with AMD’s Ryzen 7 3700X and would there be any problem with the motherboard MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon
  9. F

    [SOLVED] 4790K - Recent increase in temps

    Build a 4790K system run in an Asus z97 pro wifi ac cooled Corsair H100i cooler with washer mod around 4 years ago. At the time just did basic OC testing, and bumped the boost clock speeds from 4.4 to 4.6GHz. I don't have the original thermal data but the system was stable under load. Over the...
  10. D

    [SOLVED] Is idle temps of 40c on an i7 9700k with an H100i pro normal?

    So I just built a new PC with an i7 9700k w/ an H100i pro for cooling, and while idle (with only corsair link and chrome opened) I'm getting between 40c to 50c for the CPU package temp. When I switch the AIO from quiet mode to extreme it goes down to between 34c to 42c. (I'm not that worried...
  11. Tolis_GR

    Question Corsair H100i - High Delta under load for i7 3770

    Hi friends, I recently grabbed a lightly used H100i for a good price and dropped it into my system. It was in a perfect condition at least for the looks of it. It seems though that the results are not what to be expected. My system: I have overclocked a i7 3770 non K using the +4 bin turbo...
  12. D

    Question High Temps on i7 6700k with h100i v2

    Hi everyone. My i7 6700k @ 4.2 GHz is idling at 35 to 45 degrees Celsius with chrome and intel extreme tuning utility open. This isn't very high at all, but when I benchmark it with IETU, it goes up to the high 90s and thermal throttles. It is only running at 4.2 GHz. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  13. A

    Question H100i extreme hot under Load i7 4790k

    Hey guys, i have an i7 4790k Stock Settings(no OC) cooled by an Corsair H100i The Temps on Idle are somewhere between 30- 35 °C. On 100% Load (Cinebench or some CPU Heavy Games) it will instantly start going to 100C and Throttles the CPU. Ive testet the Pump, its Working, i can feel the...
  14. K

    [SOLVED] Help on choosing a Liquid cooler

    Hello everyone, I’m going to run a Ryzen 2700x in my new set up. I’m leaning towards the Corsair H100i AIO Liquid cooler, but am aware of the fan complaints. Has anyone used the H100i and if so are the fans as annoying as people claim? Also, If anyone has better recommendations for coolers leave...
  15. D

    Question Major issues with... everything. CPU Light on!

    Hey guys, I’m super new to this whole forum, so sorry if my title is confusing. I’m having major issues with my whole PC. Just 2 days ago I went to bed and left my PC running as I usually do. I woke up in the morning to a laggy mess and couldn’t figure out what was wrong until I got a warning...
  16. R

    Question NZXT H500 w/ Corsair H100i PRO.

    Y’all think this NZXT H500 Non I Series is fine for airflow using the Corsair H100i Pro AIO series thingy? I would use it as Intake then the rear fan and top fan as exhaust. Good enough airflow since this case is enclosed or jkst laser cut this pain into some air flow design...? (Yes I can do...
  17. J

    [SOLVED] h100i gtx not cooling.

    I've recently upgraded my pc from nearly the ground up, (old cooler though) I haven't booted windows yet but I'm having problems with my CPU temperature. I'm using a liquid cooler (Corsair h100i gtx) from my old build. The cpu fans are not registering on the BIOS but they are spinning and all...
  18. I

    [SOLVED] G skill sniper 2133 only running on 1333

    Hello... I can't make g skill sniper 2133 run on anything more than 1333. As i understand it should be able to run at least 1600... 1 2 Motherboard: asus p8h61-m lx3 r2.0 Cpu: i3 2130
  19. F

    Samsung Laptop Powers ON, fan spins harder than before but the screen is Blank

    Hi guys, anyone with an idea. My Samsung laptop powers ON the fan spins harder than before but the screen is black and no display. I tried the following; 1. Removed & unplugged the AC adapter then pressed the power button for 60 secs. 2. Removed & wiped RAM terminal with a cloth/eraser RAM and...
  20. A

    How much is my PC worth?

    Specs: Case: Fractal design S Ram: 8gb (2x4) 2666hz Motherboard: Asus Z97-A Storage: 250gb 2,5" Samsung 850 evo, 1TB WD Blue hdd. CPU: i7 4790k 4.0 GHz GPU: Amd R9 390 PSU: Antec 550w OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit