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  1. A

    [SOLVED] Which CPU cooler is better between Corsair H80i and Corsair H100x?

    I am building a PC. I am hesitating between two AIO Liquid CPU coolers for my AMD Ryzen 5 5600X. Which one is better between Corsair H80i and Corsair H100x?
  2. RagedAPE

    [SOLVED] Corsair h100x Vs h100i RGB Platinum Hydro.

    Good afternoon, Not sure what cooler to get for my 5800x CPU. Choices are h100x at £69 OR H100i RGB Platinum Hydro series at £105 I do not care about RGB and I am looking to save money but not at the expense of serious performance loss or cooling of the PC as a whole at all, I just want it...
  3. ByronHinson

    [SOLVED] I9 9900 @ 4.9GHz with H100x Temperatures

    I’ve recently got an overclocked PC with an i9 9900 running all cores at 4.9 with a H100x AIO. I haven’t had any problems with stability or games when using it. After a crash in one game (turns out its just a regular crash, nothing more) I decided to start running some stress tests on the PC...
  4. Arnut

    [SOLVED] Can I use an H100X AIO Water cooler in the H510 Elite case

    Hi, Im thinking of buying the H510 Elite case, but there's still one thing that I dont know for sure. Does the H100X cooler fit in the front? And If it will get enough air to efficiently cool my i5 7600k... (if these are dumb questions it's because im pretty new to custom pc builds sorry!) Thanks!!