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  1. G

    Question Corsair H115i platinum vs pro vs NZXT x62 for i7 9700K?

    Hello, so I've chose 9700k instead of 9900k again, now i'm deciding between these 3 AIO coolers. Corsair's H115i pro and H115i Platinum vs NZXT Kraken X62. Which one is the best? Every site so far that i've seen reviews it's different. Somewhere is better kraken on the other sites corsair...
  2. ilijadanil

    Question Need thermal compound or advice, recommendation please.

    So i have an i9-9900K CPU and Corsair H115i Pro AIO Cooler . What is the best thermal compound to use? I should give on more details about the question. When building my PC last week, not having a "branded" thermal paste, but just some i purchased from AliExpress a year ago, i used what i got...
  3. N

    Question H115i Pro

    Hi guys, what software can I use to control fan/pump speed for this AIO?
  4. zikmir

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 9 3900X with H115i Platinum

    I bought the H115 Platinum since the stock cooler was loud as hell. I am using the Thermaltake Core P3 and my original temps with the PrismCooler were 45-55 idle and hitting 70+ at Cinebench R15. Now that i got the H115, i installed it and saw it already came with thermal compound applied. I...
  5. CBunn

    Question I installed an AIO, now I cannot boot with DOCP turned on.

    Hello, I just upgraded from the stock cooler provided with Ryzen 7 2700x to the H115i Platinum. After doing this I went into bios and set CPU fan to ignore and enable the AIO pump. Saved changes and reset then my system posted into safe mode. I have cleared CMOS and reset all defaults and tried...
  6. N

    Question MSI B450M MORTAR TITANIUM compatible with Corsair Vengeance RGB CMR16GX4M2C3466C16 (Black) 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3466 MHz Desktop Gaming Memory?

    I am planning on getting an MSI B450M MORTAR TITANIUM Motherboard and i have found some decent deals on ram (Corsair Vengeance RGB CMR16GX4M2C3466C16 (Black) 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3466 MHz Desktop Gaming Memory), but i could not find it on the support list. Is it still supported even if it is not...
  7. O

    Will my build run??

    I've done a build with the added help from others from this site and I was wondering if it will run also my budget doesn't necessarily matter as I have a while to save for my build. I also know that there has been issues with the 2080's/ti's but I have been told to not worry about it as they...
  8. S

    How to re-install windows without an install disc or lisence code

    So I want to upgrade my cpu which means I'll need a new motherboard (mine is fm2+) but I just found out that I'll need to re-install windows ect, but I don't have the install disc or a license code so how do I do it? Will I just need to get windows 10 and put it on a usb stick? Plus could...
  9. D

    Hp stream laptop suddenly crashes for no reason

    I was playing roblox but suddenly 2 error messages pop up then boom. My laptop goes black Pc hardware OS windows 10 PRO factory chips with intel inside chip Model 14-ax010wm
  10. T

    Older System upgrade

    [Moderator note: moved post to Graphics Cards.] I have a Biostar TA790GXE 128M MB X64 Based. My processor is an AMD Phenom II X4 965 Mhz 4core 4 logical processors. How high up can I upgrade from my Nvidia GeForce 650Ti Boost GPU? I am running Windows 10, latest build. My 650 Ti Boost all of a...
  11. B

    First streaming gaming PC build

    Hi, does anyone have any opinions on this build. I ideally want to be able to stream at 1080p with no lag. I'm not interested in overclocking. I'm not very confident that I can build it but am willing to give it a try. If you know of any pre-builds that are similar I would appreciate it. £1500...
  12. A

    5.1 Surround Sound Support

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if I could get some help with some audio issues i'm having with my PC speakers. I currently own a pair of Logitech Z506 5.1 surround sound speakers. I also own an MSI Z97 Gaming 5 motherboard. The issue that I am having is that I am only receiving audio out of 2 of...
  13. ClaudiaThompson

    Monitor Brightness Adjustment

    I am having trouble trying to adjust the brightness level down on my Acer monitor. I cannot find any simple or decent instructions. I can manage to get the screen to pop up with the different level controls including brightness, but then any button I press at the bottom of the monitor makes it...
  14. M

    Twitch/Game on one PC

    Build: Power Supply: EVGA 1000 Watt CPU: i7 7000t, 2.8Ghz, turbo boost to around 3.6 usually GPU: EVGA 1080Ti Hybrid 2.0 Corsair Hydro 100 vz heat sink Msi 299 gaming MB plenty of case fans and one after market 1000TB samsung evo 900 series But the question is can it handle for me to stream...