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H150i pro

Forum discussion tagged with H150i pro.
  1. E

    Question New Gaming PC - 2020

    I'm in the process of building a new gaming rig. I want to get some thoughts. My initial price range of $2,000's but after some messing around I'm okay within the high $2,000s and low $3,000s range. I probably wouldn't do any streaming. I'm not sure if I will do much OC but would like the...
  2. N

    Question Dark Rock Pro 4 or H150i PRO RGB for 3900x?

    I can't decide which one should I get, the price of the AIO is double. But I prefer the look of the AIO much better, and I'm not sure, but the AIO should performance better in summer? I know the AIO is better with only a few temps but I'm not sure if it's worth the double price. I'm planning to...
  3. Question Ridiculous temperature spikes

    Just built a new rig: i9-9900k H150i Pro corsair cooler - 360mm, 3 fans. ASROCK Phantom Gaming 9 Motherboard. Something is very wrong with my rig, and I've got a few ideas but I want to know if this is immediately diagnosable by ear: Idle, sits at 30-35 degrees C. Using corsair link, I can see...
  4. A

    Question Hot 8600k

    i have an 8600k running at 5ghz at 1.23 volts in the bios but using cpuz i can see it jumps to 1.25 under load i know this is low and a good chip however on corsair h150i pro im still hitting mid 70's under full synthetic load and about mid 60's to low 70's under a !00% gaming load with all...