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    Question CSM problem with gpu

    I have Asus TUF h310m motherboard. recently I installed a r9 270x 4gb oc edition into the motherboard. However, on the bootup, it says that the vga card is not supportd by UEFI driver and the pc boots up in CSM mode even if i turn it off. I want to know how to fix...
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    Question MSI H310m Water gpu compatibility

    Hello, I have a msi h310m water motherboard, with i5-8400 and gtx 1050 ti. Now, I'm very satisfied with my cpu but I'd like to change my gpu. I was considering the 1060 gb, rx 580 and rx 590. But I don't know which gpus are compatible with my motherboard. I tried going online but the main page...
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    [SOLVED] Advantages to spending more on the Motherboard?

    I am looking to build a system, which is intel 8th and 9th gen compatible. I have noticed that they Z390 boards are about £100, whereas the H310M boards cost only £60-70. Considering I want future upgradability, but do not ever want to overclock, are there any real advantages of spending more...
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    [SOLVED] Wifi Adapter upgrade on H310M ITX/ac motherboard

    I have a Asrock H310M ITX/ac motherboard. It comes with Intel 3168 wireless adapter onboard(Vertical M.2 with E key) Thinking of upgrading to Intel® Wireless-AC 9260 which can support speeds upto 1.73Gbps. Asrock website doesn't have much info as to whether it would support or not. Both are of...