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    Question Question in BIOS, switchable graphics options, there’s no options but “muxless”, what to do? (PC NOT a laptop)

    I’ve had this problem that I couldn’t get any display from my dGPU so I hoped into the BIOS -> Advanced tab to change the Switchable Graphics settings, but no options was there but the "muxless". I've read about it and understood that I can plug the dGPU into mobo, put the display on the iGPU...
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    Question Does a Kingston KVR1333D3N9 8 GB RAM work on a H61 motherboard?

    Hello! I just found out that my old 4x4 pair of 1333 MHz RAM is not working anymore because one of the slots on my GIGABYTE h61M-S motherboard has somehow stopped working. So I'm thinking of buying a single 8 GB DDR3 1333 MHz RAM and shall use it on the only working slot available. Please tell...
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    Question After placing hardware to new case : displays remains blank

    After putting all components from my old case (ATX) to the new one (mATX) MOB: Gigabyte H61 M S1 RAM: DDR3 8GB GPU: GTX 770 with no CMOS reset i got blue screened with 0x00000021a (system critical error) on windows 10 , so after that it self restarted to blank screen or black screen. So i did...
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    Will this be a good gaming PC?

    I will be building a gaming PC later this year. I was just wondering if this will work well on new games at ultra settings. I will be overclocking. My price range is around $1,500. If you think I should change anything please tell me. Now, here is my build...