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H80i v2

Forum discussion tagged with H80i v2.
  1. N

    Question H80i v2 Fan & Temps

    Hey everyone, I've recently been looking into my fans because I'm finding them to be annoyingly loud and I've pinpointed that the loud fan that's causing me these issues is the single stock corsair fan that came with the H80i v2 that I have on the back of my radiator and plugged into the...
  2. X

    Question Not sure if H80i v2 pump died

    I just recently bought a used gtx 1080 with a Kraken G10 and an H80i v2 for cooling so I won't be able to just warranty the cooler. The card performed wonderfully for hours on end for the first 2 days and had no problems keeping the temps under 56C even with an overclock. Today however the GPU...
  3. J

    razer tiamat 7.1 wont light up when plugged in

    my razer tiamat 7.1 wont light up when plugged in so it won't work ive tried using different usb ports but won't work and can't find a fix anywhere any help please? update; bought a new headset.
  4. N

    Windows 10 update Problem

    Hello, there is a problem with windows updates that i have been having recently. Windows will keep on installing windows 10 update assistant. Everything works as it should, until after the required restart, whereupon I am greeted by a black screen without even the mouse. When I shut down the...
  5. T

    Graphics Card Suggestions Low Budget

    Just a bit of background first of all. My PC is a custom build and was built to meet the requirements of the software for my university degree and my casual gaming habit. I haven't upgraded for sometime - I just didn't need to. Now I could do with a graphics card with 2GB+ Dedicated Video RAM to...