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    Question Can anyone please tell me if this txt file or the lines in it are suspicious for being a virus?

    Hello, some guy sent me a txt file and I am getting kinda paranoid that it might contain a virus. I did some research in the web and figured out that txt files usually cannot contain viruses. Nevertheless I just wanted to get sure. I even changed the Windows settings to see the file endings...
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    Question Hacking wifi dongle dashboard

    I'm trying to find out if this is possible for I'm having a few issues with a telco. Wifi security WPA2-PSK for internet use. Issue is with the Dashboard. I am connected to my wifi dongles Dashboard (operating system for settings) via wifi . The dashboard is only loaded by Internet Explorer...
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    Question Camfecting - Preventing Webcam Hacks

    Hi, This is more of me just pondering a thought: Obviously we all know that it is possible for malicious software to be installed without the user's consent which can provide remote control and access to a webcam. Is this still possible if the webcam has been deactivated in device manager? Alex
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    Question Potential Hack Feedback

    Hi. A friend of mine I associate with online says their router caught fire around the time of an online debate with another person whom they did not know. I'm just strolling the web to see if that's even possible to cause a fire through a hack. I know of a good amount about hacking to kinda...
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    Question Network Monitor Showing Someone w/ Unauthorized Remote Access

    Hi there, Long time lurker, 2nd time poster. I can typically figure these kinds of things out on my own, but not so much lately. To be candid, I've fallen behind on the technology front, exponentially so regarding Windows 10. So here's what's going on, I think. I've noticed some unusual...
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    Question Vega 56 jumps to 100% when idle. Hacked?

    Hey everyone. I bought a used GPU in the first computer I've ever built. I noticed it immediately but thought it would go away as drivers were installed and such, but that was not the case. When the computer is inactive for roughly two minutes, the GPU rams to 100% utility. It will not do this...
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    PC Crash After 1 Hour of Gaming

    Hi, I updated heavily my PC last week (see the new spec below) and everything is going pretty smoothly. I am playing AC Odyssey in 4K at a constant 60fps with high/ultra settings, however after about 1 hour of playing, the PC suddenly crashes (I can't do alt-tab or anything, I must reboot). So...
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    Is ghosting inevitable on a VA panel?

    In other words do ALL VA monitors experience ghosting or can some monitors avoid it? I've just bought a new monitor (Acer Predator Z321QU) and it looks fine in most game but movies and videos look atrocious. There is some degree of ghosting on virtually every moving object, and camera panning...
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    Can fans turn on with only a psu and motherboard?

    Hi there, I’m building my own pc here. I’ve installed the motherboard cpu and psu into my case. Since I have an rgb fan I naturally tried to turn it on to see the fan in action but with no result. I’m just worried that I might have damaged something. So my real question is with a CPU Motherboard...
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    I want to buy a new graphics card but idk if my cpu can handle it

    I've been looking to buy a gtx 1060 or maybe an rx 470. but i'm not sure if my cpu is good enough. I have an i5-2400 3.10ghz. I need a new gpu because right now i'm using a 660 ti that i borrowed from a friend since my own gpu died on me a couple of months ago, and my friend kinda wants his 660...
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    Low Budget Video Editing Configuration

    Hi i am looking for video editing. I need CPU, Ram, PSU, Video card. I not gonna use it for hardcore video editing but simple effects like masking, adding stock footages and some 3d creation. Right now im working with Laptop with specs: Intel Core i5 480m 2.67GHZ and 4GB Ram with integrated...
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    Can we turn on a laptop without the hard drive?

    So basically I was checking Facebook and suddenly there was some weird noise coming out from the CPU fan (It was getting blocked) so what I did is I opened bthe hinge where my CPU fan is located and then cleaned the dust. Here comes the important part I tried to turn on my laptop but it didn't...
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    Memory_Management Error Screen - Windows 8.1

    So a few weeks ago, my motherboard went out which made me purchase a new, better one. I got the MSI 970 Gaming MB to replace my old MSI board. Since I was replacing the motherboard, I thought it'd be a good idea to wipe the PC completely and reinstall windows. Now, to the problem, It happens...