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  1. M

    Question PC froze when I slapped my table ?

    So I was playing and got hyped and accidentally slapped my wooden table then my PC froze during that time and I restart it because I thought it just crashed or something but after I restart it shows no signal.I think the wires and sockets in our house is grounded because I get shock when I touch...
  2. IllegalTendencies

    Question Why so slow and heat readings

    Getting some odd feedback from Why so slow about heat, and processor load. I've been having some lock ups and random occasional bsods with Dcom errors in event viewer. Heat of cpu is reported as 78C and for some reason load is reported as 88.6% Avg. Though that is new from yesterdays report...
  3. N

    Question Windows 10 hangs with loud static sound ?

    I have been dealing with an issue lately where my PC will randomly lock up completely while playing games. I'm unsure as to what the cause is, but it seems to happen during any intense games or activities (one time it just happened while I was watching Youtube!). When my PC hangs up like this...
  4. Cloud1415

    Question My asus laptop ' zenbook 13 UX331UAL-EG058T' gets suddenly stuck.

    My asus laptop ' zenbook 13 UX331UAL-EG058T' gets suddenly stuck. Earlier it used to do it once or twice in a week but now it gets stuck everytime and i m not able to anything on it. I noticed that if i use laptop regularly it does not come but when i put laptop off for lets say more than 20-30...
  5. A

    Question Win10; some websites loads forever on local PC

    Hi tomshardware community, So from one day to another my PC started acting weird, I daily work in Azure and also with the ITSM system called Jira, but all of a sudden I am stuck loading azure until I am met with "Hmmm.. Looks like something went wrong" and in Jira, I am having problems clicking...
  6. H

    [SOLVED] My Computer freezes, hangs, and the audio stutters.

    Hello, Tom's Hardware community! I am in need of your help! Recently, my computer has been acting up crazy as it freezes, hangs, and audio stutters (the endless loop of 'bzzzz' or similar) while either playing games or just browsing the internet. This happened more frequently as 2021 started as...
  7. B

    [SOLVED] Random FPS Issues and Stuttering with High End PC

    I have looked around the forums for a while, and looked at other sources to try and fix my issue. Starting a few days ago I have been getting major FPS drops in games like Overwatch and Minecraft, and running shaders I am getting under 40 fps. In Hitman 2 I was experiencing major hanging issues...
  8. Lord_Tiger_Fu

    Question Mobo recommendations for R9 3900X or please help me with my problem my B450 Tomahawk motherboard

    Hello everyone, I recently upgraded to a Ryzen 9 3900X in my B450 Tomahawk motherboard and I've been having so much problems ever since, I've even tried four different ram kits at the different XMP speeds and I still get the same issue. It's as if the CPU is being throttled somehow even though...
  9. P

    Question Windows 10 Photos App Crashing to Black-window When Trying to Open Images (Event 1002, Application Hang)

    Log Name: Application Source: Application Hang Date: 7/23/2020 1:01:11 AM Event ID: 1002 Task Category: (101) Level: Error Keywords: Classic User: N/A Computer: DESKTOP-E458S8Q Description: The program Microsoft.Photos.exe version...
  10. Z

    Question PC Suddenly Freezes - Force Restart Required. Please help!!!

    So it’s been about 2 years since I built my PC and ever since the beginning, I’ve had stability issues with it. When I’m doing a (fairly) ressource intensive task on my PC, it seems to randomly just freeze, there is an awful screeching sound that comes from my headphones and the only way to...
  11. G

    Question New PC turning into a slideshow?

    Just built a new PC, for some reason, when im playing a game on my PC, and i tab out and have any type of interaction with my windows UI, my computer starts hanging up, then turns into a slideshow with robotic noises coming from speakers. then eventually completely freezes and i have to force...
  12. iDawood

    Question Random computer hangs.

    So recently I upgraded my CPU but I highly doubt that is what caused it. Anyways, I have been experiencing random hangs where the computer freezes completely and becomes unresponsive until I restart. My computer specs are listed below. MSI 970 Gaming Motherboard AMD FX-8350 CPU ( Upgraded from...
  13. Vax

    Question Computer Randomly Freezes up for several minutes

    Hello TH. So I have run into a bit of a problem, which started around 3 or so days ago. At random moments, but only when I'm pushing to close/open a program, my computer will freeze/hang for 3-5+ minutes. These programs have so far been: Sea of Thieves(Windows 10 requiring video game) Google...
  14. F

    Question Strange, inconsistent gaming behavior

    I recently built this workstation ~5 months ago, and since then I've been having some bizarre issues with certain games, which have been extremely difficult to effectively troubleshoot. Specs: Asus ROG Maximus XI Code motherboard Intel Core i9-9900K (Originally at 3.6 MHz, overclocked to...
  15. I

    [SOLVED] HDD hanging problem

    Hello my HDD has some hanging problems and I want them to get fixed. I tested it on games: GTA V is bad, CS:S runs smoothly, CS:GO has it too, NFS Carbon a little bit and other lighter games too. The point is I hate massive frame and response drops for a 12 seconds period. I tried eith Windows...
  16. V

    Hard Drive recognized by windows but doesnt work

    The hard disk shows up in devices under device management but not in explorer and it doesnt work. I went to disk management and tried to initialize the drive, but it says cyclic redundancy error. It shows up in disk management as unallocated and not initialized. I double checked the sata cables...
  17. J

    Random shut down

    Hi, PLEASE HELP. I recently upgraded my cpu fan and case fans. While doing this I needed to remove my graphics card due to the size of the new cpu cooler. After installing the cooler and the fans I plugged the GPU into another port as it was easier with the new cooler and now when I start...
  18. C

    External hard drive

    How can I access my external hard drive (2.0 usb) data - it won't let me get at it because I have 3.0 usb ports on my lenovo laptop windows 10?
  19. 9

    SuperMicro X8DTI-F motherboard

    Hey guys, Can this motherboard be used for a normal desktop PC usage? (heavy tasks, gaming, net surfing) I'm planing to buy this motherboard and pair it with 2 Xeon x5670 cpus. I'm just worried if the full capacity of CPUs will be presented on it. (like on a workstation) thanks regards
  20. S

    My Planned PC Build - Advice and Finalizing the System Layout

    I have collected a list of parts that I would like to buy, and have done a fair bit of research regarding the compatibility and performance of the parts. However, I am still very new to PC hardware, having only ever installed new RAM and a GPU in my current PC. Please note that I already own...
  21. Tenslaster2980

    Will I have to reactivate my SIM Card if I move it to another phone?

    So I recently cracked my screen on my iPhone 5S (the reason isn't important and frankly embarrassing), and I have a spare 5C at home. Will I have to reactivate my SIM Card for my network provider? My provider is AT&T.
  22. P

    GT 710 vs Integrated for second 60hz monitor

    I have a 144hz monitor running off a gtx 1080 on my MSI gaming 7 270 motherboard. I used a gt 710 I already had to power my secondary 60hz monitor. Due to a change in parts, I had to move my gtx 1080 down a slot, and it is now pressed up against the low profile 710. So temperatures average maybe...
  23. N

    Is it burnt ?

    I got a msi n760 hawk edition. From last few days ive been noticing drop in performance and i looked at msi ab and it showed temperature at 98c. After that i removed my gpu to check if there are any physical damages appearing on body. And i found this http://m.imgur.com/Kfh9hUs Those solder...
  24. T

    GTX 970 vs R9 390 vs GTX 980 TI

    Hey, so I'm thinking my GTX 660 OC isn't really gonna last much longer for gaming with high fps so I am wondering whether to invest in one of the 3 cards mentioned above. My current system: - Motherboard: Gigabyte H97 Gaming 3 - CPU: Intel xeon E3 1231V3 - GPU: Gigabyte gtx 660 OC - PSU...
  25. P

    Is my rig amd perfect???

    I am gonna custom build my cpu in a very very tight budget{after this rig i got only Rs.50 {INR} left from my budget!!!}....my components will be - FX 8320 MSI 970A-G43 Motherboard Kingston 8gb ddr3 120 gb ssd 1 tb hdd 1gb graphics card 550 watt power supply.. Is my components perfect for each...
  26. S

    My HDD light isnt activating.

    MSI 970A-G46 Seagate 7200rpm 1TB HDD Corsair 300r case HDD light isnt working. Everything else is. Except front case usb as I dont have a header for usb 3.0 on my board. But I dont believe these are connected. Built the pc. Could reversing the cord hurt to see if it was wired backwards? Just...
  27. S

    GPU suggestion for 250-300 or less?

    I am considering buying the system listed below. It is in new condition (I think it was purchased for someone and they never used it). The price is very fair (considering all the peripherals), but I understand that I will need to bring the GPU up to the times in the very near future. What would...
  28. Max Guymer

    Gaming Pc Build

    Basicly, I'm starting afresh and building my self a gaming pc I have a GTX 760 4gb already and a monitor. I have been searching around for parts and this is what I came up with. Please could you tell me if the parts are compatible or tell me if there are any better parts I have a budget of 500£...
  29. pigeoncracker

    System starts up but then shuts down

    My computer has been running fine for more than 3 years and then I decided to clean out all of the dust and replace the thermal compound. Now when I started it up 6 light on the motherboard came on and all the fans went on too. Then after about a second it turns off then restarts. I have reset...
  30. T

    Core2Duo T9300 vs T9400

    Yeah, I know, its an oldie. But the laptop still works and does what it needs to do. The question I have is regarding an upgrade. I know the laptop will support the T9300 and T9500 processors. Would it not also support the T9400? The only difference I can determine is that the T9300/T9500 have...
  31. D

    H87 or Z87 and cooling

    Hi guys I've gathered the following parts: CPU: Intel i7-4770 CPU-coolor: Noctua NH-L9i - 92mm GPU: GeForce 660gtx ti And some other irrelevant parts.. My problem is with the motherboard. First I've considered the gigabyte z87n-wifi, but I've read that there's a cooling problem due to the...
  32. M

    Radeon HD 7800 keeps crashing in Windows 7

    I've diagnosed this problem to concluding that my video card only crashes in Windows 7 64 bit edition. In 32 bit, it ran smoothly without any problems, but in 64 bit, any game I play, there's occasional crashes, including blue screen of death now and again. My specs: Intel Core i3 2120 3.30...