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    Question Problem with SSD access delay in old laptop.

    The gist of the story is, i have a client of mine that insisted on getting an ssd in a grandpa (Acer Aspire 9000 series). I finally succumbed after trying to talk the client out of this and tried to fit an SSD on the machine. After much research on ways to achieve that i concluded the best case...
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    Can i pair gtx 1050 with i3 4160;mothreboard Gigabyte H81M-S?

    Hello, i have i3 4160 3.60ghz, its decent CPU, but i have poor GPU, intel hd 4400 graphics,and 4gb ram...i want to upgrade my GPU and get gtx 1050, and play every game on high at 45fps minimum at 1366x768 resolution...So can i pair gtx 1050 with my pc? (Motherboard H81M-S)