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  1. TheZeroageTM

    Question PC components disconnecting randomly?

    Haven’t posted on here in a while, because my PC hasn’t had problems for 4 years. Until now. I upgraded my GPU from the 1060 (6Gb) to the 3060 TI OC, and I upgraded my CPU from Ryzen 7 1700x to the 3800x. Until I upgraded, I haven’t had any issues but now, my PC is acting very slow, and when...
  2. T

    Question How do I fix this error?

    This has been happening to me for the past two days now. One day, my PC randomly got a blue screen error while I was doing my work in MS Word and I didn’t see what it was because it went by too fast. I booted my PC back up not thinking much of it. It started to boot normally, it recognised the...
  3. Asibula

    Question current pending sector count increases fast but SMART normal

    Hi, I was using my laptop when I suddenly got a BSOD "UNEXPECTED_STORE_EXCEPTION". I searched it up and it appears that the reason can be a faulty hard drive. After the laptop rebooted I started to see some clear signs that my HDD was dying: Booting took longer, search bar doesnt work, some...
  4. sachet61

    [SOLVED] Is my HDD failing?

    These days the number of bad sectors found after running CHKDSK is increasing. So, I ran SMART results and found the result containing reallocation sector count as 200 and current pending errors count as 194. Link for my SMART result of HDD