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  1. Ahmed El Sherif

    [SOLVED] HDD 100% While Gaming and Freezes

    So I'm gonna share with exactly what happened in the past coule of months so you may have a better understanding of the issue I'm facing. My PC specs were: AMD FX 6300 AMD R7 260x 2Gb 1 TB HDD WD Coonix power supply 600w Everything was working fine back then, I used to play my games...
  2. F

    Question oracle vm freezes/ unresponsive right after turning it on (not the guest os just the actual program)

    as the title states ive got a problem with oracle vm, ive scoured the entire internet to no avail, my problem seems to be different from other peoples, instead of the guest OS freezing (being unresponsive) the ACTUAL program i.e the main thing you see when you double click the oracle vm icon...
  3. K

    Windows 10 2GB VGA to 4GB

    i recently formated my pc and installed windows 10.i have a Core i3 processer with 8GB Ram and with a Palit GTX 1050 Storm 2 GB graphics card.i haven't installed my graphic drivers yet.but when i run the DXDiag it shows that i have about 4Gigs of VRam.can you tell me why is that...
  4. N

    Thermal paste question.

    So today I bought a new heat sink for my CPU, and the heat sink came with thermal paste on, should I still reapply thermal paste on my CPU regardless of the paste that's on the new heat sink?
  5. N

    Is this power supply adequate for my build?

    Hey guys and gals, I was hoping you guys might help me decided if this power source is enough for the build that I am planning. It was relatively easy to pick my parts for my new build, but the choosing of the power supply just boggles my mind. Here are the pieces that I have chosen so far...
  6. R

    Geforce Holiday Bundle on One Computer?

    I just purchased a GTX 770 and got codes for the Holiday Bundle: Batman Origins, Splinter Cell Blacklist, and Assassins Creed 4. Are these games only playable on the computer they are redeemed on or can I use them on any computer I want?