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  1. Mr.NJ

    Question Computer automatically restart on HDD but not on portable OS ?

    can you please suggest me what to do ?
  2. K

    Question Hdd 2tb seagate is making noise

    I just bought this new drive to build a new pc and sometimes it makes these noises is the drive not good? I have checked smart health check and other drive check they say it is good.Except a userbenchmark wich puts its speed below average. Recording: https://voca.ro/idmPvPc4jnq HDD 3.5" 2TB...
  3. Solid_Snake11

    Question New 8TB hard disk not being initialized.

    Hey guys, I made my PC a year ago and it runs great. I had purchased a 4TB Toshiba X300 internal HDD for it and it works flawlessly. Recently I decided to add a new HDD in addition and went for 3.5'' Toshiba X300 8TB. But the problem is that my PC is not picking it up. It is being shown as...
  4. C

    Question Attach multiple hard disk to server

    I am having a Server with Xeon Processor and 8GB Ram and 1TB Harddisk. One more hard disk can be connected with my server. I am using it as a web server for my website. My clients will upload and store files on the web server. Say I can allocated 20GB per client. I am expecting around 2000...
  5. celikeray61

    Question Harddisk SUDDENLY dies.

    hello. its me again. i have a external harddisk with "hgst" brand. its 500gb and it was working fine until this evening. i got a new dvd drive and decided to install it to my computer. i closed my computer and installed the dvd drive and the next time i boot up my computer the harddisk was...
  6. R

    [SOLVED] Elementary OS will not detect my harddisk.

    Hello, Recently, I installed elementary OS. I have SSD and a HDD. I, obviously, installed this OS into my SSD. Now, it only shows my SSD in Applications>Devices>... It won't show my HDD. what should I do?
  7. 0

    [SOLVED] Disk making noises all the time

    I have a mechanical disk and lately, I noticed that it's constantly making a noise like it's reading/writing something. The problem is it's really not doing anything (that I was able to find). It's a secondary mechanical disk, not system disk and all there is on it are user files (documents...
  8. C

    Question External Hard Drive Suddenly Stopped Working

    WD Elements 1TB drive suddenly stopped working. I had my games in it because computers own hdd is very small. I play games a lot so it was very actively used. I bought it not more than 2 years ago. At first suddenly some files became corrupted i think because Steam couldnt opened DOTA because...
  9. P

    [SOLVED] Bios boot to much slow in bootable OS else Software

    Hi legends.. my first experiance in BIOS bootable software to much slow in windows 7 OS installation else hiren boot.. i try both pendrive & CD.. its very very dead slow.. its take long time to next step... what can i do?? solution please legends.. System Configuration Intel i3 2GB Ram 500GB HDD
  10. Infidel 254

    [SOLVED] NAS HD Moved to Desktop Wont Display Data

    Hear ye! Hear ye! My fellow nerds, gather 'round and I shall tell you a tale, a tale of frustration and confusion. A tale filled with fraught and...alright I'll get to the point. I need some help with this one. I know some of you guys live for this stuff so hopefully you can help me get this...
  11. Varunraja

    Info TV not detecting the harddisk

    My new Seagate 2 TB harddisk not detecte in my TV.. I have changed the partion from GPT to MBR and found the issue is resolved .
  12. A

    Question Looking for a comprehensive course or book on harddisk repairing

    Hello, I would like to repair my harddrive by myself, and as is learn a lot about electronics and everything that make an harddrive work. So, I have been looking for a course online, and the only one I found was really pricy (5000$) and I cannot afford it. So, do you know any book, reference...
  13. A

    [SOLVED] Laptop hard disk giving low performance in desktop Pc

    I recently found bad sector in my 7200 rpm desktop hard disk so I replace it with my 5400 rpm laptop hard disk.After that Desktop is almost unusable.I take so much time to respond to mouse click,everything is laggy.Even it takes 5-10minutes to open file explorer.I know 7200rpm had better...
  14. I

    Question I want to move my HDD to a friend's pc to download and after move it back to mine.

    My internet speed is very slow (~500kbps) And his is about 20MBps. If i were to take my nearly empty HDD with only the Oculus app and Steam and either switch it with his HDD currently in his pc or place it inside with his HDD would this work and cause no issues or would we have some issues with...
  15. F

    Question Why I can't see my hard disk in UEFI.boot or insert boot media device and press a key

    Some days ago my pc broke showing this message continuously "boot or insert boot media device and press a key". If i press a key the message just repeats itself. I looked up on the internet and saw that I must change the booting order or reinstall the operating system. I tried to, but when I...
  16. [SOLVED] SOLVED! - 4TB HDD recognized as 1.63TB Windows 7

    Hello! I installed a new Seagate BarraCuda Pro 4 TB today. Problem is Windows does not see 4TB, but instead 1.63TB. I tried Seagate DiscWizard, but it seems to be missing a part of the application that allows me to extend capacity -__-' I even tried Asus Disk Unlocker, but it won’t even list...
  17. D

    Question External WD USB 3.0 4TB HDD formatted for Android use, shows now only 1,63TB.!

    I just bought an external 4 TB Western Digital Elements USB 3.0 Harddisk, with the purpose of using it for Back-up PC and Smartphone Data. So when i plugged it in with my Samsung Galaxy S7 a message popped up that I have to format it to use it with Android. I own a 2TB WD Elements HDD i...