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  1. S

    Question Migrate OS to new ssd

    Hi, I'm wondering if it is possible to migrate only windows 10 from the source disk instead of everything that is on the disk. I am using a migrating tool.
  2. H

    Question Dying drive requires me to get a new boot drive. I have questions though.

    The boot drive in my desktop is getting old and showing just about every sign that is is about to die at any minute. it is a 1TB Seagate Barracuda HDD and it is currently my boot drive. I have everything on that drive that I want from it backed up on other drives I have so I will be ok if it...
  3. Iqbalntmc

    Question 500gb hdd divides into 3 drives

    An update after the last one. I've successfully installed the hdd thanks to some people recommending me before. But the problem is now the hdd is now 3 parts, like this View: https://imgur.com/PC0aqWB I only wants the to be in one drives only (500gb) instead of 243, 221, 500mb one that says...
  4. Iqbalntmc

    I found this cable on my first hdd. What is the use of this one?

    First of all, im not really good at computer stuff. Im sorry if i say a wrong thing or two. View: https://imgur.com/bFdLoHe So it seems like a power cable but its connected to the first hdd. And i want to install another hdd, because i don't know what type of cables should i buy, i want to use...
  5. A

    Question Connecting old Hard disk having Win7 to new PC having Win10

    Hi, I want to connect my old hard drive to my PC. But windows 7 was installed on old hard drive. I am using win10 on new PC. If I connect old HDD to new PC. How the PC would turn on Win7 or Win10. I want to format win7 on old HDD. Please help me!!!
  6. I

    Question Intel Optane memory

    So, I have a few questions maybe y'all can help me with. 1. Will Intel optane memory 16gb / 32gb version work with Gigabyte z370n mother board, its a mini ITX with 2 m.2 slots but since Intel optane memory is a Sata m.2 I'm not sure it works. I don't want to buy it then find out it doesn't...