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    [SOLVED] Is it possible to Fix my Relocated Sector Count?

    For some days while starting the computer, it did not start normally.. It stopped in bios and made the cracking sound of my hard disk, so I got worried and did a S.M.A.R.T check on the hard Disk Sentinel. It found Some error on my 3 Terabyte Hard-drive , Relocated Sector Count : 181 Relocation...
  2. S

    Question Why

    My Seagate ST250DM000 PC hard drive is not detected. fortunately I have the same hard drive (type, motherboard series) and it works fine and I will use it as a PCB donor. But why did I transfer the BIOS chip to the donor PCB. hard drive still not recognized? Is it possible to replace the...
  3. S

    Question External Hardisk Infinite Not responding,System Freezes !!

    Okay so When I connect my Hardisk , For the first 10-20 seconds I'm able to view the files inside, After few seconds it completely freezes , Infinite Not responding , Cannot view files/View properties All system operations are stuck untill I pull out the usb cable from my laptop . If I try...
  4. Guillotine651

    Question Pc lagging | Probably my hardisk

    Hey bros I have a pc with these specss core i5 2400 8 gigs of ram ddr3 gtx 960 2gb 350 watt 80+ psu 320 gb hardrive ( 7.2k rpm) and 160 gb ( 7.2k rpm) windows 7 so recently my pc started lagging so i ran all tests but nothing found so my friend said run hardware senital so i ran the test my...