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  1. Jeramielu

    Question Seagate Harddrives wiped themselves

    Hey all, New user here. During a time machine backup from an 8TB Seagate HD to my 2017 imac it stalled. The Mac is now at the shop getting worked on and although that is an issue it isn’t the point of this post. I also had 2 external 8TB Seagate drives plugged into the computer as well. One...
  2. N

    Question Keyboard acting up?

    So i got this wierd keyboard hack that i first thought was just my keyboard acting up but it started typing real words after i should my pc down my hard drive was trashed and i could not boot up anymore i was wondering if anyone else had this virus and are my files and my passwords safe thank you.
  3. K

    Question WD 1.0TB WD10JPVX

    I’m having an issue with my external hardrive. Alright so it’s a WD blue 1.0TB hardrive and when I bought it , it was in a Lenovo 2.5” USB 3.0 external HDD enclosure. But the USB port for it is loose so I could only access it if I put it up or hold it up in a certain way. So I bought a new...
  4. D

    Question How do I move ALL the data off my old hardrive to my new one

    My father's PC broke and it won't boot anymore so I tried to transplant the HDD over to the new PC. Turns out that the hardrive can't be removed and I have to find a way to recover the data. If so, is there a free way to do it?
  5. [SOLVED] Slow rendering in all games

    Out of nowhere suddenly my games like GTA V and AC odyssey start rendering everything slowly. In GTA V all maps and textures load after a while and when you equip a weapon it is invisible at first, tyres on cars are invisible for a while as well, buildings have low texture but then they get...
  6. Zyxylz

    Question Blue screen of death at startup no matter what

    Blue screen of death everytime I start up my pc. Okay so I tried upgrading to windows 10 and my hardrive corrupted and gave out at 93% everytime I would open my computer it would beep and tell me to press f1 to ignore the “hardrive failure imminent “ warning. My pc worked fine doing this for a...
  7. awesomet2005

    [SOLVED] Quick question about SSD and HDD

    Hello there. Just installed my new SSD with Windows 10 on it. I had to take out my HDD because that also had Windows on it, so now I am just running with my 120 GB SSD. I realized that 120 GB is probably not enough and I will need some extra storage to take care of my download folder and such...
  8. Amaan666

    Question URGENT HELP: PC not loading up

    I have: Ryzen 5 1600 8gb Ram 3200hz GTX 1060 3gb 1tb storage Gigabyte AMD AB350-GAMING 3 AM4 socket ATX motherboard My PC will turn on then load at the gigabyte loading screen, then just get stuck on the loop and eventually freeze then restart the PC and repeat. This happened a month ago, I...
  9. S

    Question External Hardisk Infinite Not responding,System Freezes !!

    Okay so When I connect my Hardisk , For the first 10-20 seconds I'm able to view the files inside, After few seconds it completely freezes , Infinite Not responding , Cannot view files/View properties All system operations are stuck untill I pull out the usb cable from my laptop . If I try...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] What does1720 Smart Hard drive Detects imminent failure mean?

    I saw this once I booted up my computer. Copyright (C) 2013 Hewlett-Packard Development Company L.P. Version 2.15.1236. Copyright (C) 2013 American Megatrends, Inc. 4096MB There is an Error in SMART detection 1720-SMART Hard Drive detects imminent failure Failing Drive: SATA (Dark Blue)...
  11. A

    [SOLVED] Should i submerge my hard-drive in my mineral oil pc?

    So i have buildt a pc that is submerged in mineral oil. Since the hardrive (2tb seagate hdd) makes quite a lot noice can i submerge it in mineral oil with all the other parts?
  12. F

    Question Which NVME is better? WESTERN DIGITAL BLACK NVME 250GB VS Adata SX6000 Lite

    Just want to know which NVME is better between the Western digital black 250GB or ADATA SX6000 lite 256GB? Now this is mostly for Gaming and SOME video editing. My concern is like games like GTA 5 or Witcher 3 i want the maps/levels to load faster and of course have smoother and higher FPS...
  13. P

    Question Put a laptop hard drive in my pc and it still thinks it’s a laptop?

    Context on what I’m trying to do. I have a clean 2TB hard drive that I’m trying to get a fresh install of win10 on but every time I try to install via flash drive or CD I get this, “Windows cannot be installed to this disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure...
  14. J

    [SOLVED] Laptop crackling sound with headphones

    Hi I have a weird problem with my pc audio. As I don't know where the problem might be, I specifiy all the information that could be relevant. I have a new hp omen laptop with OS Windows 10, Realtek sound card and it's driver updated. When I start using it there's no problem but after some...
  15. W

    [SOLVED] External HD Data Recovery

    My external Western Digital hard drive was about 8 years old and became unreadable. I took it out of the casing and put it in my PC. I was forced to format it. Now I am unable to get the data (obviously). I have tried 3 different recovery software (Recuva, Hetman Partition Recovery, and...
  16. D

    USB making hardware live

    I recently bought a rocksmith cable and and plugged it into my USB ports both on the back and the front and they both made my strings live giving a painful electric shock this has happend before in the past with a blue snowball mic. WHAT is going on in my system that would be causing this I have...
  17. D

    MSI GS73 Stealth Replacement 4K LCD

    Anyone know why MSI makes it so hard to find replacement parts for their laptops? I'm looking for a replacement LCD for my GS73VR 7RF Stealth 17.3" 4K laptop, and literally everyone shows "out of stock", and MSI is no help at all. It's a simple part to replace, if I could find one... This is a...
  18. M

    What motherboards fit the Noctua NH-D15?

    What motherboards fit the NH-D15? I'm using an Intel i7 4700 (not planing on overclocking) Under £200 would be nice.I
  19. C

    what happened to my gpu?

    Yesterday In the middle of gaming, my PC suddenly froze and I got some weird square colors on screen and I got a blue screen with the error: video_scheduler error. Is there a way to fix that or the gpu is damaged?
  20. L

    Driver issues causing BSODs.

    Ok so first off here are my specs. CPU- i5-6500 MOBO- MSI Z170A pc mate Ram- DDR4 3200 GPU- R9 380 4g I recently had to replace the mobo on my rig due to constant Memory Management BSODs/colored static freeze screens after ~20 minutes of being on the computer. So after testing RAM with memtest...