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    Question i5 2400S , 10GB RAM CPU stucking too much while browsing the internet

    My PC's specs. Memory: 10 GB Processor: Intel i5 2400S 2.5ghz. OS: Windows 7 ultimate (Window 10 stucks too much even after fresh installation so I installed win 7 ultimate) SSD: 240 GB Kingston HDD: 500 GB Hi My PC stucks too much with above mentioned specifications. Whenever I use YouTube in...
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    Question Force hardware acceleration for the particular software

    Hi, is there a way to force a program use hardware acceleration? the software is a DAW (digital audio workstation) Cockos Reaper. it is not a 3d application. and the windows is 8.1
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    Question Chrome hardware acceleration

    Playing 4k or 8k youtube videos on chrome makes it stutter like hell and lag without enabling hardware acceleration. With hardware acceleration On, the video plays smooth. I've read that hardware acceleration moves work load away from my CPU to my GPU in this case. However, I'm wondering if it...
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    Question Enabling hardware acceleration on Ubuntu.

    Hi to all! I'm having issues watching videos on YouTube with Firefox. I think the problem is related to hardware acceleration: how can I enable it of Firefox? I heard that to do this it is necessary edit the .profile file in the home directory and add the line export MOZ_ACCELERATED=1...
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    Question Hardware acceleration

    Hello, I recently purchased a new screen (144hz) and when I watch videos on google chrome on youtube on that same screen, I get some “artifacts” but when I enabled Hardware acceleration those same “artifacts” went away but in its place came a choppy youtube video ( video freezing while audio...
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    PC Sort of Budget Build

    Good enough for 60 fps ultra settings Civ 6 and GTA 5? Prices are from various deals that I have come across on slickdeals. Also anyways to make it cheaper and/or better performing. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/KyNRhq
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    Do I need to update my bios on an AM3 Ready motherboard

    My motherboard says that it is "AM3 Ready" I got a cheap secondhand phenom ii x6 1100T for about 50 dollars off of Ebay, is it possible that I can install this CPU without updating my BIOS because I don't want to risk the motherboard dying.
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    How is the MSI tech support?

    ayy i am thinking about getting one of the thin MSI laptops like the Ghost 3k or whatever, and they look to have great laptop specs and a great price (especially compared to the New Razer Blade 14) But there is one thing that i could not find on google, which is how good the customer service is...
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    can i manually speed up my laptop fans?

    my touchpad gets so hot that i use an external mouse now. i have a laptop stand so it has ventilation but it seems like the fans are barely on even though the temps are high. is there a way i can set the fans to 100% or at least alter the temps at which they decide they need to speed up? here's...