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Hardware advice

Forum discussion tagged with Hardware advice.
  1. X

    Question I am wondering weather to upgrade my cpu or get more ram for my pc build

    I use my computer primarily for illustrating and video editing. The work time takes longer than what I want since I intend to use this computer as a hobbyist's machine and need to be able to make high resolution files and videos relatively quick. Specs: Monitor: 25inch 1440p 60HZ Processor...
  2. P

    Question Sudden stuttering, possible hardware issue? Need help!

    Trying to determine if a specific piece of hardware has been causing my issues. PC specs: Z97MX- Gaming 5 motherboard with Intel Core i7-4790K (motherboard is about 5-6 years old) 16gb Ram Geforce GTX 1070 Ti (card is relatively new, a little over a year) C: drive is Samsung SSD 850 120GB...
  3. SheriffBiggs

    Question Awful Pop-in issues in every game I play.

    This issue started for me a few weeks ago. I noticed that I began to experience lots of pop-in with objects and shadows in the game world of almost every game I play. Well, every game. I've tried everything I can think of to resolve this problem, from resetting my PC, updating drivers, virus...
  4. K

    Question Pc freezing in games AND off game

    My pc is normally running fine, but lately I can see some weird things in it: most games will freeze after 1 hour or so of playing them and they will completely stop working. The only way to close them is to go to the task manager and killing the process there. Sometimes, way less often, my...
  5. P

    Question Blackscreen crash(Sound still working) when gaming 1440p

    Using a 970, i5 4690k. I'd have thought it'd be ok to handle this but it seems not. It's also VERY indecisive. I could play Rocket league for 3/4hours without problem. Resi 2 reboot or CS:Go and it's dead within 30 mins. Steps i've taken: PSU Swap, clean wipe of Display drivers/reinstall, from...
  6. krappermai

    [SOLVED] Rage bumps to PC

    Hi there! recently, i get really mad when playing csgo and i bumped my table so hard it freezes the the pc. mouse, keyboard and monitor are all still lighting up but cant be use. i then hard restart it and it turn on like normally, but when i bump just slightly, it crashes again. I then found a...
  7. P

    An i3 and a gtx 1070 performance

    Hi, I have an i3 3220 rn, I am planning to buy a gtx 1070. With it bottleneck, and how much? (I'm getting an amd r5 or an i5 sooner)
  8. S

    How to backup

    I want my photos
  9. A

    Will an i5 6500 bottleneck a GTX 1070

    Please help!! I need a recommendation as this is my first time!
  10. D

    Newegg refurbished power supply?

    Is getting a refurbished power supply worth it? Built a new pc recently and now I'm broke. I recently discovered that my current power supply is tier 5 or untiered, which is very unsafe. It could fry my new pc at any moment. It's Thermaltake TR2 500W Discovered tier list from...