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  1. Fatakaf

    Question Sapphire Pulse RX 5600 XT, will not boot into windows

    So recently i purchased an RX 5600 XT, I bought it because my old graphics card started artifacting. The problem is when i try to boot the pc, it posts, but windows never boots, it stays a black screen. When I uninstall the graphics card and try to boot windows using the integrated graphics, it...
  2. M

    [SOLVED] Windows wont launch after hardware changes (fried hard drive or motherboard?)

    Windows not booting and freezing on dots CPU:i5-8400 GPU:MSI GTX 1060 RAM: 24GB DDR4 Mother Board: Gigabyte B360 ds3h I just recently changed my CPU and GPU to a i5-9600k and an MSI 2060. But after the change my windows wont boot. I can get my screen to post and be in the Bios but when I...
  3. S

    Question PC Games constantly crashing

    Just swapped over to a new case, Corsair Crystal 570x, and installed the NZXT Kraken, Direct Mount. Anytime I launch a game I can play for a couple of minutes before the game just crashes. Previously the game would give me a BSOD with the error memory management. But after checking for...
  4. Babarali85

    [SOLVED] Retaining Windows 10 OS while migrating from Intel to Ryzen

    Hi! I'm going to migrate from Intel hardware to AMD. Im planning on keeping my current windows setup (so not replacing current HDD to a new one) as I don't want to reinstall games, software etc. Can anyone guide me from experience if I can avoid a fresh installation of windows. I have a...
  5. A

    Question New Mobo, CPU, RAM with no Windows 10 reinstall?

    Hi All, I'm replacing my Motherboard, CPU and RAM and need your advice with regards to Windows installation. My question is, can I just let Windows 10 do it's thing, i.e. change the hardware, boot and let Windows install all necessary drivers? I have a retail Windows 10 and am familiar on how...