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  1. E

    Question Computer randomly restarts, no BSOD or errors in the event viewer, hardware worked in a different system

    Hello all! I recently moved my PC parts to a new case, but after about a month of having it in the new case it started to randomly restart/crash with no warning, no BSOD, and no relevant errors that I can find showing up anywhere on my computer. This is completely random, sometimes it'll happen...
  2. C

    Question PC crash after startup, but not reset

    I've been struggling with a crashing issue for what feels like a year. I've been putting it off since it used to be random and very infrequent. But it has finally progressed to a point where the problem is repeatable/testable. Where I'm At My PC crashes every time I power on. It happens...
  3. D

    Question Need help choosing between 2 builds

    Ok so I got 2 builds that I wanna buy. I'm pretty sure I'll take one of them so don't build me a new one.I plan on playing mainly fortnite and potentially heavier games down the line on a 144 Hertz monitor (important to get to 144 fps more than higher settings). Just wanna see which one you...
  4. J

    Question Does PC turn off when turned on for first time

    I will be building my PC tomorrow and i want to know that will pc turn off and again turn on when started for first time. Also tell me what possible mistakes i can avoid
  5. I

    Question Wifi connectivity issues at home

    I am having problems with my home Wifi connection. My laptop kept dropping out when I restarted the computer or turned it back on the next day. This happened for a while. But now I cannot connect to the Wifi at all. However the smart phones in the house are able to connect with no issues. I am...
  6. A

    Question RAM working on "Incompatible" Mobo, but not working on compatible mobo

    Hey all, I've built a computer this past november with the following specifications: CPU: Ryzen 7 1700 GPU: Gigabyte RX 580 8GB Motherboard: MSI A320M Gaming Pro RAM: G.Skill Aegis 2x8GB F4-2400C15D-16GIS Storage: Samsung 860 EVO 250Gb, Seagate Barracuda 2Tb PSU: Rosewill Capstone 650M Now, I...
  7. K

    Question Can eSATA ports be used as SATA?

    I have an eSATA port on my motherboard next to my SATA ones, that looks just like a standard SATA port. Can I safely use it as one?
  8. E

    Question laptop charger port broke.

    hello all, today my laptop charger port broke, resulting in all 3 wires behind it getting detached. I have a soldering iron and can fix this, I just want to know if polarity matters. there are 3 connectors and I can provide an image. here is the google photos link -...
  9. Z

    Question Soc voltage of my ryzen 7 1700

    I had a OCCT psu test yesterday to test my PSU and noticed that my soc voltage was 0.89V , but after reaserching the normal voltage is 1.0V + I also had my VIN 7 1.60V instead of 1.98V like all others(vin 1-6). Does this cause/imply some problem whit my psu?
  10. H

    Question Web pages slow to open in Chrome until Edge is opened

    After building a new computer last weekend I've had a strange experience with opening web pages that has persisted for the entire week. I use Chrome as my primary browser. After I turn on the computer web pages, for several minutes, are slow to load in Chrome. I get the "Establishing secure...
  11. Z

    [SOLVED] I am trying to order a pc but need advice.

    I am ordering a PC build , I have limited knowledge on video cards and memory and non existant on motherboards of what is good and bad when it comes to hardware components and I am not even sure this is all compatible together. and I am not really sure if the power supply is sufficent for this...
  12. D

    Question Is it compatable?

    I hav e9383 or something like that sorry i can remeber(it is in pre build of hp) i recently bought pc-10600-cl9 is there way to make it work with that mother board? In bios or anything? Like an acctualy save way dont want to damage pc im student ant work to make enough money for new mother...
  13. Wiltander

    Question Monitor shuts off after playing games and it stands ''No signal''

    Hey! In the past week my computer has started to behave strangely. After a while after using the computer, the screen goes out. It says '' No signal found '' and then the computer goes out. It has started to happen recently and it is very frustrating. I have tried to reinstall the drivers and...
  14. J

    Question Better Thermal paste

    I buy a ryzen 2700x and I need to know that pasta is better for me processor without oc and with the stock cooler. the options are: artic mx4 or phanteks ph ndc. Thx and sorry for my English
  15. S

    [SOLVED] What's bottlenecking me?

    Hi. Let me start by posting userbenchmark: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/15260975 As you can see, my GPU and CPU are not quite doing as well as they could. My PSU is THIS, so I don't suppose that's the problem I'm getting rather inconsistent framerates, Arkham Knight (yeah, I know)...
  16. M

    Question Black screen after Windows 10 reset

    Okay, so I will make it as specific as possible. I wanted to preinstall a PC, I made a bootable USB flash drive, then I entered the BIOS, but the UEFI utility was Asrock which I've never seen before. I tried to make the settings to boot the Windows 10. I but the flash drive on first place and...
  17. J

    [SOLVED] Liquid Metal on Asus 1080...worth it?

    Hello all, I have a Asus GTX 1080. I was wondering in general if it is worth adding Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut? I HAVE applied it to an OLD 5960 to mess around with it. I first added clear nail polish to the transistors, ran the 5960 then the liquid metal. Is running fine. Is it worth...
  18. T

    [SOLVED] i5-6600k bottleneck causing stuttering in games

    Ever since i upgraded my gpu i have been experiencing micro stuttering in games like the witcher 3, watch dogs 2, insurgency sandstorm, overwatch, and rise of the tomb raider. When micro stuttering occurs my cpu usage is between 80% and 100%. I reinstalled windows 10 and still did not resolve my...
  19. May2ko

    Question New 1660 Ti or used 1070?

    Benchmarks have shown that the 1660 TI and 1070 are very similar in performance. The only difference is price. Since the 1070 is no longer in production, unused cards are not a viable option as they are significantly more expensive. However, used cards can go for pretty cheap here in the UK - as...
  20. I

    Question Games and Programs crashing on startup

    Hello, recently in the past two weeks I have noticed a lot of my programs are crashing upon start up: CS:GO - This is where I first noticed the issue, The app would begin to start and then just crash - No report. Chrome: I have only noticed this today, but this now seems to crash upon startup...