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  1. F8Rodan

    Question Best motherboards for an I7-7700

    So lately i have been searching motherboards in Amazon for an I7-7700 non K, but couldn't really find any aside from some chinese vendors that don't look reliable. Now, i'm asking you guys, what do you recommend in motherboards for a kaby lake i7 processor.
  2. dovedescent7

    [SOLVED] Upgrade Optiplex AIO to Discrete GPU before it's too late?

    Got new Optiplex AIO 7450 Touch screen for daughter and am concerned HD 630 gpu won't be future proof or bad for Adobe premiere or ms flight simulator or for any games...Not looking to heavy game, just kids stuff and workstation graphics stuff. I can upgrade to 2 motherboards with discrete...
  3. H

    Question i3 8100 hd 630 gaming for 10-12 hours a day

    I am planing to buy a pc for me to play only dota 2 and csgo. I am tight on my budget so i am going to buy i3 8100 and play dota 2 and csgo with hd 630 I will upgrade my pc later when i have money but for now i am not buying gpu. So i was wondering will i be okay to play dota2 and csgo wih hd...
  4. F

    [SOLVED] Unable to use 144HZ GTX 1050 from my laptop onto a new display!

    Hey guys and gals! I have a very specific problem and I'm going to try and explain it in a very brief way. First of, let me start with a sole fact that I have Lenovo Legion Y520 laptop, which has Intel HD 630 as integrated GPU and GTX 1050 4GB DDR5 as secondary GPU. Everything is working...
  5. F

    How to go about a CPU upgrade

    No longer satisfied with my i5-6500 for 144hz gaming so I'm looking to upgrade. GPU is 1070 8GB, motherboard is MSI B150M. Do I upgrade to i7-6700/7700 or should I go for a new motherboard with the option to overclock? I'm pretty lazy so I prefer the former, would go for a new MoBo only if it's...
  6. F

    Gtx 1080 ti 500watts test psu

    Hello, I buyed a evga 1080 ti that requires a minimum 600 watts psu, however I already have a 500 watts psu. So I buy a 750 watts psuthat arrives 3 days later, the question is, can I test the video cart with my actual psu, only for test, no gaming, justturn on the pc and prove the video output...