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Forum discussion tagged with HD.
  1. C

    Question How do I set slave and master on my drives.

    I have a 7yo Win7 computer that has performed reasonably well, but I want to upgrade it to win 10 and add some more storage by adding a new 2tb drive and an SSD drive that will be used as the boot drive. I have not done this for many years and when last I did, I had to worry about jumpers to...
  2. P

    Question MSI Optix G24c 2160p

    Hey guys, I've had the Optix monitor since last summer and am trying to get it back to settings I used to have it at. I know it's a 1080 monitor but I HAVE been able to get it to run at 2160p before, at 60hz. But I am unable to do so now. I went under the AMD Radeon Settings because I have...
  3. S

    Question Seagate EXOS 10TB SATA connector problems

    I'm trying to install this drive to a Drobo 810N (NAS). The SATA connector is different from usual, and has a piece of plastic between the power & data sections, so it can't plug in to any SATA cables I have, which require a gap. What gives? Is this a new interface, and what can I do to use...
  4. P

    [SOLVED] No Intel HD Graphics 3000 drivers are available for Windows 10. HELP!!! PLEASE!!!

    I am aware that Intel HD 3000 is outdated and obsolete so it's only logical to stop support. Though, on the internet people said that windows 8/7 drivers could work. SPOILER: They didn't. I am looking for an alternative to the drivers. I can't even find the I-graphics card on device manager...
  5. A

    [SOLVED] Which one is better 32" Smart TV or 40" Non smart TV

    i want to buy a new TV for my PC and for watching TV also , well i'm from Algeria and the fancy Brands are expensive here so i going to buy local made TV's , Iris E3 smart TV 32" and Stream 40" Full HD TV Non smart i won't using this TV for gaming since i haven't a powerfull GPU i will use as my...
  6. bentremblay

    Question How can secondary HD stall boot?

    In my previous PC I had dual boot, C: Win7 and D: XP. Both 500Gig. One day the XP drive refused to boot; sector not found, or whatever ... you know what I mean. In this "plain vanilla office PC" build, that C: is by itself, running Win7. I connected the secondary drive as D: and ... Win7...
  7. Jason H.

    Question New Windows 10 build cannot use mouse

    Okay to make this short and sweet... I just put together a new pc. Installed Windows 10. Everytime I boot the pc my gtx 1060 fans come on for a second then go off. Which I hear is normal, however, the heat pipes are VERY HOT. And in my mobo, I see nowhere to check GPU temp as the mobo dont...
  8. R

    Question Looking to upgrade my desktop

    I've got a gameing desktop. I'm looking to upgrade it. These are the Specs Processor: Intel Core i7 4790K 4.0 GHz (Codename Devils Canyon) (Unlocked CPU) (Quad Core) Motherboard: GIGABYTE Z97X-SLI (Intel Z97 Chipset) System Memory: 16GB DDR3 1600MHz Digital Storm Certified Performance Series...
  9. AllanGH

    Question Personal Build PSU Selection

    Time to replace the old workhorse, and I'm in the spec-ing components stage of the game, now. I've never used Corsair branded PSUs, but saw this one which will meet my needs for this new build. Can anyone offer some direct experience with the specific unit I'm considering, as well as the...
  10. Kefi

    Question Weird "problem" with motherboard and psu

    So i'll try to be as descriptive as i can.So i have EVGA 750 g3 it's like a year old something and also gigabyte gaming 3 motherboard. And they have been acting REALLY weird . So few weeks back i noticed my PSU has an eco mode and im woa what's this so i turned it on i thought it was gonna...
  11. Sk8ter

    [SOLVED] Samsung nc108p won't post !

    Hi all ! I have this old mini-book Specs : Cpu : Intel Atom n2800 Ram : 2gigs of ram HDD : 320 gigs The HDD gave me all kind of BSOD and some S.M.A.R.T errors too (05,196,199) tried with a new ssd nothing changed , some times the HDD led would go off just like that and the whole pc would...
  12. S

    Question What can cause such throttling?

    View: https://youtu.be/wc_NtwO2ie8 at 00:07 ! MSI GE72MVR7RG apache pro laptop. Clean win 10 home installed. Tried Balanced power plan, High-performance power plan, ultimate performance power plan. Nvidia control panel is optimized for maximum performance. Intel control panel is optimized...
  13. drjackool

    [SOLVED] How download Asus Live Update program?

    Hi I search Asus website but can not find any link to download Asus Live Update Program! Where is it? Is it a separate program or installs with in a bundle? Thanks
  14. H

    Question USB ports 'refresh' on their own

    I built a PC for my wife to use at work. There seems to be a 'hiccup' of sorts every couple hours where the USB devices are disconnected and reconnect. The first set of wireless Logitech keyboard/mouse wasn't compatible with usb 3.0, but still having problem with other USB peripherals. This is...
  15. B

    Question BRAIN FREEZE!!! HELP Please recommend a graphics card for old motherboard

    I currently have: i7-2600k 16gb DDR 3 Gigabyte GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 LGA1155 Using onboard graphics to run 2 monitors EVGA 550 B3 80 plus Bronze Power supply I am having a brain freeze. Please help me choose the cheapest possible desktop card that will be compatible with my old motherboard. I...
  16. R

    Question GPU display port to DVI Monitor Issue

    Hello, i have a problem while trying to connect my monitor to my new pc: The monitor i have is 10yo one with only dvi and vga inputs and my gpu is a RTX 2060 AORUS XTREME that only has display port and hdmi outputs. When i try with the cable(DP to DVI) i can see the motherboard logo in the...
  17. J

    Question Suddenly more CPU usage (streaming csgo)

    Hello, everyone! On wednesday I could stream csgo with an average of 160-170 fps and stream at 1080p60 fps with 6-8 CPU usage. But yesterday I wanted to stream again. The CPU usage was all the time around 14-16%. And in game I was getting only around 80-100 frames. When I went streaming obs gave...
  18. S

    Question Is pairing h310m with rx 570 bad?

    So i am buildings a pc. It includes rx 570, i3 8100, adata 4gb x2, 1tb hdd, h310m, 600w psu. So I was as thinking would the h310m inhibit the max performance of rx 570? Or the h310 wouldn't last with an rx 570? Is there any risk involved? I am buildings a budget pc so I can't afford b360
  19. robert123456

    Question 2 Prisma AL-14 Fans - Spin but don't light up - How to connect them?

    These fans have two cables attached. One is the 4-pin cable for power, and this was connected with a splitter. Both fans operate normally. Another connector is a 4 pin connector with a blocked 3rd pin. These are what Fractal calls "chained connectors."...
  20. K

    Question asrock b450m audio jack

    So i think my audio jack in front of my case just died. I saw that my motherboard has 3 jacks in the back. I read the manual and it says the pink one is for microphone. However when i plug in my mic it doesnt work. How can i fix my broken jack and how to use those back jacks