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  1. NotReady

    Question Toshiba 4TB P300 5400RPM HDD or Cheapest 2TB Sata SSD

    Hello everyone, I have already 1 TB decent SSD where I installed OS. Now I want storage for my system. I am confused between this two option. My main intension is to store my large size games and media files.(Like 100GB+ size games) In these days, is hard drive fails too early than ssd? (Like...
  2. Deropie

    Question HDD keeps beeping and freezing, and has 100% disk usage ?

    So my HDD has been beeping and freezing and using alot of disk usage after a Windows update (but I don't think that's the problem). i've been looking for another solution rather then buying a new HDD/SSD because I bought this one less than 3 months ago. I checked the hard drive's health and...
  3. Bruv-kimane-un

    Question prefferable HDD for gaming storage

    Hello. I have a pc that i wanted to upgrade its storage, and i intend to use that storage for games like COD MW 2019 and COD MW II. after did a bit research, ive concluded that : SSD are the best type of storage, but incredibly expensive Im interested in WD's HDD. especially the "special's"...
  4. spacesaturnus

    [SOLVED] My storage got reset when everytime i turn on my PC

    okay hi! :) i need help. so my pc always reset new storage that i installed on my pc. curently my pc have 2 storage 256gb ssd nvme (main drive for windows) 2TB HDD SATA so when i installed new storage. the new storage maybe 1 -2 days working fine, but after that when i turn it off my pc and...
  5. SeanK135

    Question NEED HELP ASAP * HDD Reformatting

    so i put a clean install of windows onto my pc and wiped my hdd and ssd but i had to re initialise my hdd to get it to show up gut to initialize it i needed to format it and everytime i try to it just doesnt work, it says its formatting but its not, i left it for like an hour or 2 and nothing...
  6. L

    [SOLVED] Unplugging dying HDD & having 2 Windows'

    Is it completely fine to unpulg a dying HDD and plug it in again later, like it won't make it worse will it. And is it okay to temporarily have 2 in use HDDs in the same PC both with Windows on, if not can I just get rid of windows on the non boot drive, I've seen people say yes and no.
  7. L

    [SOLVED] Putting windows on my new HDD and keeping the files on my old one

    My HDD is dying so I bought a new one and plugged it in aswell. Is it completely safe to turn my PC off and unplug my old dying HDD full of stuff, boot onto the new empty one and install windows on it using a windows bootable USB, then plug the old one back in and move the stuff off it to the...
  8. ciro_881

    Question W10 & W11 continuously corrupted

    Neither W10 or W11 work properly on my machine. They work fine for about 3 days or so, then I continuously get blue screens with an SrtTrail.txt error or some other error referring to a corrupted file on my computer. I usually install my OS on my SSD and all of my games and stuff on my HDD. Now...
  9. C


    Hi all, I have an MSi A320M Pro VH-Plus motherboard. Currently I have a 1TB SATA HDD and was wondering if my motherboard could accommodate an additional SSD. Any advice regarding the compatibility would be appreciated. Thank you
  10. C

    [SOLVED] Recent issues with Windows 10

    Hi all, Recently my Windows started running into a some errors and trouble so I reset (full format) my PC yesterday and installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 Home downloaded from the Microsoft website. Some issue like 100% disk load have been resolved, but some errors still remain. 1) Windows...
  11. John Barden

    Question New SSD causes delay lag in CS:GO ?

    Hi everyone ,i need someone to help me solve this question because i cant solve it. Recently i just installed a new 256gb SSD. And i download CSGO and run it. It get delay lag everyround in competitive matches but went smoothly in offline mode or workshop mode. Im pretty sure thats not the fps...
  12. V

    [SOLVED] HDD problem

    So the title basically says it all. My HDD kinda sucks now, but before i buy another one, i wanna see what you guys think. Should i buy another one or should i stay with it My pc specs are: r5 3600 cpu with stock cooler 16 gb 3000Mhz ram gtx 1050 ti gpu be quiet! System Power 9 600W 80PLUS...
  13. brencicmiodrag82

    [SOLVED] How to delete old files of Windows

    I used to have HDD 700gb in 2 parts one for Windows 150gb (Local Disc C) and another part for everything else (Local Disc D). Year ago I bought SSD 240gb and cloned whole (C) windows with program called iSumsoft Cloner to that SSD. Everything is fine with that SSD it works good, but HDD made...
  14. JohnDov_ns

    Question What should I do? please help!

    I faced a problem Last night, windows speed was very low, and some of my drives did not working good. I tested my hard drive with Hard Disk Sentinel 5.61.10, and it showed me a 327 days renaming HDD life, but when I tested with AIDA64 Extreme PRO it was saying there is no any problems that...
  15. ciro_881

    Question Data recovery from 2TB Hdd

    I bought an ssd for my build because I wanted to speed up things since I only had an hdd. My hdd had two partitions (roughly 1TB each), one where I had the OS and one where I had all of my games, programs, important files etc. When installing W10 on my ssd, I wanted to keep my partition with...
  16. C

    [SOLVED] How to format my hdd

    hey there,i want to format my hdd to perform a clean windows instalation.But there is a problem that i cannot find the solution... So i want to install the windows on my new M.2 SSD so i would have to unplug the hdd-install wind-then plug it back.But now i have the windows installed in my...
  17. C

    [SOLVED] Installing games on ssd

    Hey!i've come with another question :D ,i want to buy a new ssd [250 gb-2gb/s ]for my windows and pubg[or any high usage game] but i dont know how to install the games only in ssd and not on hdd[1tb]. When i will install my windows again i''ll do it with clean instalation and make 2...
  18. C

    [SOLVED] SSD v HDD different speed

    Hey there,i want to buy a ssd for my pc but it arleady have a HDD.The new ssd that i want to buy is an M.2 [Solid-State Drive (SSD) Kingston A2000, NVMe, M.2] that has 2GB/s [write and read speed].But my Hdd has only 600mb/s [WD 1TB 7200rpm].What will be the speed that my pc will have in the...
  19. brencicmiodrag82


    I cloned all files from HDD to SSD, now I got same files on HDD and SSD. Can I simply delete all files from HDD or is there another proccess how to delete those files?
  20. B

    [SOLVED] D partiton became free sapce

    Hello,this problem happend a week ago and heres how.My C partiton has low memory so i wanted to get some memory from D and put it in C,i installed a lot apps for partitons so i can do it.While i was trying i made a mistake idk what,and my D partiton was empty everything deleted from it then i...
  21. brencicmiodrag82

    Question HDD truns off

    I just bought ssd 240gb gygabite and migrate windows and other components from C particion. I have set windows to open from ssd and everything is ok. Works fine and random hdd just turn off by itself, and then after 20/30min turns on and do that constantly. Nothing happen, nothing freeze is that...
  22. SomeJuicy

    Question How do I Install a SSD with an existing HDD

    Hello, I've been wanting to install the Samsung 860 EVO into my computer along with my HDD. I'm really not sure how I would proceed with adding an SSD, so I'm just looking for some guidance.
  23. C

    Question How to reset old HDD for new PC?

    Hey guys, I recently found a old 500GB HDD in my house that I most likely purchased from a thrift store, and I was wondering how I could use it on my new PC to add some storage without damaging anything? I read somewhere that it could cause problems if I just connected it and tried booting my...
  24. T

    Question Eternal Hard Drive stops transfer at 93%

    I've been trying to make a large data transfer (aprox 400Gb) and I'll leave it working over night and the next morning I'll get a message saying that it cant locate the files and the download speed goes down to 0. (Copying from internal 2TBHDD 7200RPM to Seagate 4TB external drive) I ran...
  25. lonelygian

    Question how do you transfer a disk partition from hdd to ssd?

    i just bought an ssd, i was planning on moving my disk partition from hdd, specifically the disk with windows. how do i transfer all of it without reinstalling windows? thank you.