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  1. ofido

    Question What to do/what to get if I'm missing hard drive rails for a specific PC case?

    Hey, I want to add more storage to my PC but I found out I'm missing the drive rails/bracket to mount a 3.5 drive in my Antec NX300 case. If I'll get some drive rails from Amazon would they fit my case? Or do I need to find something specific?
  2. M

    [URGENT] Lost 2 Partition (350 + 50 GB) Which software to Recover?

    i really really need help, URGENT, i dont know how my 400 GB partition file deleted, Please help me, what should i do, i lost my premium things and everythings.. :'( my os windows 7, i am confused which sofware to use for recovery, i am curruntly using systool recovery, i dont know its good...