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hdd error

Forum discussion tagged with hdd error.
  1. lalafigi

    Question the request could not be performed i/o error???

    I just finished my PC build. I installed windows but when i try to initialize my 2TB HDD an error pops up: the request could not be performed i/o device error". I've tried many things but nothing seemed to work.

    Hi... So installed new NVME 970 PRO SSD 1TB and used a flash drive with windows 10 to get a fresh install. I made sure not to connect any SSD's while installing windows and then after installed i re-connected the SSD's. After doing that everything is fine apart from my HDD (D) Drive with...
  3. P

    The Ghost in the Machine [I'm having a troubleshooting nightmare, wisdom is welcome]

    Hello there, I'm new here but have been around many times while tweaking and fixing machines for family and friends, or checking reviews on components and such, so I want to start by thanking to all the nice people sharing their experiences and wisdom here. ❤ I'm having a situation that keeps...