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  1. SweetFountain178

    Question Is my hard drive good?

    The reason I'm worried is because I got my laptop (an Acer aspire 5) in December 2019. Then months later (June 2020), the hard drive died (complete with "no bootable device" when I rebooted from the BSOD that occurred) it failed again on August and since the laptop was still under warranty, they...
  2. Question HDD works once and becomes dead rest of the day

    Five days back my PC suddenly booted into BIOS and HDD (Western Digital, Blue, 1TB 7.2K RPM) was "Not Detected". Tried changing SATA data cable, power cable, but no luck. Inserted other HDD/SSDs in the same setting and those were instantly detected. I thought my HDD was completely dead until the...
  3. D

    Question HDD causing boot loop during post

    Hello, I have a problem with a 2.5-inch 1TB WD BLUE HDD causing boot loop during post (i have tested it on 3 other system and its doing the same thing). I managed to connect it to my pc while its already on i can read and write files to it with no problem i tried to remove all partitions...
  4. nightcrawller

    Question New hdd old nvme m2 ssd win10 boot issue

    Hi, I have a Dell inspiron 15 5xxx laptop from 2018 which came with 1tb Seagate hdd and I added an 250gb nvme m2 ssd same time after purchase. Now few days back my 1tb hdd started failing files taking too long to open and half of the files were automatically deleted. I so today I bought new wd...
  5. MelonHusk

    [SOLVED] Real newbie question. Removing HDD.

    I have windows installed on SSD, and my HDD (internal) seems to have died. Will PC work just fine if I unplug the HDD from those cables? Wont OS get confused during boot and stuck in an infinte loop of searching for the missing D drive?
  6. MelonHusk

    Question HDD failure after forcefull restrat. Windows failed to repair the HDD.

    So, one day I had to forcefully restart the pc, and after that some issues started to occure. I have ssd with the windows on it and hdd for everything else. The problem is with the hdd. When I wanted to open a folder on D drive (hdd) I had an error "a device which does not exist was specified"...
  7. [SOLVED] Conflicting SMART Test Results

    Hi everyone, Recently when I've been booting my laptop up I keep getting a failed SMART test message: So I've downloaded the WD DLGDiag tool and ran a detailed scan to get this result: and Overall it's saying the drive passes as well: However when I run the SMART test in Windows it...
  8. Vodoinstalater

    [SOLVED] Is my HDD failing or is my PSU weak ?

    Hello everyone, I am having some weird problem with my PC now. Whenever I play a heavy game my Motherboard would beep once, and continue beeping over time, At first I thought it had to be RAM because I have really old and weak ddr3 RAM. But then I notice that my partitions from a specific HDD...
  9. S

    [SOLVED] Two HDDs with issues, experts please chip in

    Hi I am having issues with two HDD. 1. WD Green 2 TB I am not sure if I have important data on this, But it will be great if I can get it working.. With this drive connected, Windows (10) starts bit late, I can see the disk in Disk Management but unable to initialize. Tried rebuilding MBR...
  10. A

    [SOLVED] HDD failure

    So i was at my pc, but then it just froze, i restarted my pc, and got Reboot and Select proper Boot device or insert boot device and press a key. So i restarted my pc few times, went to Select boot option but my hdd was not there. I checked Sata cable connecting to hdd but its not unpluged...
  11. Zdos123

    Question Brand-New WD Blue 5400RPM making strange sound

    Hello, I recently aquired a 3tb WD Blue 5400RPM, was looking for 7200RPM but couldn't find one, it arrived today cloned data over from another drive as my case (Core V1) only has space to mount two drives, and i already had 1tb x 2 in there. i installed it everything is working fine, however...
  12. K

    [SOLVED] HDD making noise on boot

    I have a Seagate barracuda 1TB and a 2TB just about 3 months old. Recently I've noticed a huge noise on boot and a very long shutdown time. Yes. I do have an SSD, but still it takes around 30 seconds to shutdown. (Boot time is as usual though, just the shutdown takes longer) In the process...
  13. [SOLVED] Storage HDD not accessible in new system (or old anymore) - locks up Windows when in enclosure

    Hi all - I just built a new tower and everything runs well. The old tower works fine too. Unsure if this matters, but the old unit was Intel, the new one is AMD. I went to install my 1TB HDD from my old PC into this new tower and it wouldn't even boot to windows. I changed the boot order...
  14. S

    [SOLVED] HDD momentarily detected, then mostly not

    Windows 10 Pro, Asus B85M-E Rev 2 MB, Seagate ST2000dm001 2TB HD with pcb 100587658 Rev C. Drive worked fine, never an error even though set in BIOS to run SMART checks. Suddenly couple of days ago smartcheck started and froze up in stage 2, stayed frozen for over hour so I forced shut down and...
  15. heeelion

    Question HDD failure 2TB how long do i have?

    Hey so i have had this computer for a long while and its been starting to make noise and freeze my computer up, ive narrowed it down to my HDD and after browsing the forums for a bit think its my HDD ive used a healthcheck program for them the images can be found here and here this was me...
  16. subtopewds

    Question HDDs are failing on my machine

    I just built this setup for the first time of my life: i7 4790k Motherboard Gigabyte Ga-z97x gaming gt Gtx 1070 Palit Jetstream 8gb Ram DDR3 MasterCooler 500W PSU 64gb SanDisk SSD with the WIN10 System installed - 2TB HDD for programs and files So I have been working fine with the 2TB Seagate...
  17. H

    PSU: Seasonic Focus+ 750w vs Super Flower Leadex II Gold 750w

    Which PSU is better for 3 gpus system: Seasonic Focus+ 750w or Super Flower Leadex II Gold ? Thanks, ukw
  18. T

    does ram help with fps stutter?

    i have 3gb ddr3 ram, if i get 8gb, would the fps be smoothed out?
  19. L

    When a new GPU comes out, will the prices of older GPUs drop?

    Hey, i was wondering about the GTX970 when a thought hit me. So right now, the 970 cost around $350. Since the 1070 and 1080 will come out soon, will the price of the 970 drop or will it remain the same?
  20. W

    Enabling the Command Prompt

    When I tried opening the application it kept replying this: "This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator" I need help on how to enable the command prompt Thanks in Advance WaleCrown