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  1. JakobFel

    [SOLVED] S.M.A.R.T. won't recognize C drive and Error 55

    Hi all! A while back, I installed an update to CrystalDiskInfo after I had placed a new hard disk into my system. After the software was updated, CrystalDiskInfo quit recognizing my C drive, but would only recognize my new E drive. Piriform's Speccy recognizes both and says that both drives are...
  2. I

    Question HD Sentinel accurate? Freezing computer. 100 perfomace 0 health

    Is HD Sentinel accurate? Or HDD health? My sister's laptop is fine. It's not making any noise when you turn it on. It's working but it's been freezing a lot. It might be the Virus scan? Or windows update? She's also transferred a large amount of files before this happened. She said it was fine...
  3. B

    90% of Toshiba keyboard won't work

    I have a Toshiba laptop (windows 8) and my keyboard has been acting up lately. Only the top row of keys work. (Screen brightness, F keys, delete etc) I've tried looking at the sticky keys and checking the driver but nothing worked. The weird thing is that my keyboard DOES work when I have to...